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Mutual Investment

If you are struggling to find a way to start or grow a content marketing business you can do it this way.

Find a broad evergreen niche you mostly seek news for.

Ex- Internet marketing, Politics, Online shopping, Cooking, Software, Technology, Drugs, Economy, Public safety, Science, Religion, Space etc.

Now choose relatively very small niche Ex- Control system, HVAC, Pets, Protein powder, Water purifier, best blah blah blah blah etc.

Make social media profiles on relevant channels.

Now write or get the complete relevant info for that small niche and connect it with your broad niche using social media posts using facts, sarcasm, psychology with recent info or happenings.

Now use unique keywords in your site content like your native languages words or some other unique long tail keywords not in the knowledge graph of search engines.

Now buy few relevant or brand able domains or web 2.0. Give more weightage to the name than domain SEO metrics.

Use content curation software to populate these domains with articles using curated content images videos etc. Add source for them all. You can also use any guest post as source.

Add your voice to each curated paragraph of content like the unique keywords used in main site.

If you have video making software add a summary or better explanation etc in the article.

The more human element it has the more rank able it will be. Optimize it for long tail or other relevant keywords.

Now use mass backlink software to link to these tier two links with all unique keywords. Add a few main site keywords.

It is a better way to make more efficient and safe PBN.

Now expand by connecting other small niche and same SM channels.

It will require some investment like any business but after that it takes only mouse click, few keyboard tap, observation and reading skill.

Also you can just make a list of links like directory and give unique context to each of them and also wisdom about the whole and use as main site.

You can give following software a try to ease above process

Content Artimes to find news or related content.

Video Creator  to add quick unique Videos or your Ads.

Avatar builder very boring content.

White label studio for local or Software as service business.(Optional)

Video player App to make it personal. (Optional)

Content meet Domain to find cheap traffic generating or SEO sites.

Content meet social to post to various sites. (Optional)

From Blackhatworld

You think the problem is with the link-building?
No the content. Why rewrite article. Instead put something of your expertise on main site. Connect it with relevant news on SM and put curated news or related content on PBN or web 2.0. Add something to it for humans.
There is huge evergreen market to connect main stream media with the masses. Adding this content on PBN also add to your database and the PBN becomes more authoritative.

From Searchenginejournal LOL

Here’s what Google recommends for each type of link:

  • Affiliate links: Google asks sites participating in affiliate programs to qualify these links with rel=“sponsored”, regardless of whether these links were created manually or dynamically.
  • Links from sponsored posts: Links that are advertisements or paid placements (commonly called paid links) are to be marked up with the rel=“sponsored” value.
  • Links from guest posts: Links from guest posts are to be marked up with the rel=“nofollow” value.

See the spam for news content on Google !! [Updated 07/10/2021]

More discussion at Blackhatworld here.

Source: 9gag

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