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Most sold Benjamin Air Rifles Reviewed

Benjamin Trail NP XL Air Rifle Benjamin Marauder PCP Air Rifle

Well under 1 MOA out of the box accuracy with this thing. 5 pellets in the same hole. Suggest benjamin domes or JSB diabolo match exact kings for target, and Predator P-mags for hunting. The domes aren’t as effective at taking animals.

Packs quite a punch. A bit hard to get use to the pumping this thing but once you figure out how to do it the rifle can be a lot of fun. If you want an adult air rifle you can be proud of this is it.

All weather synthetic stock
Strong barrel
Safety lever
2-stage adjustable trigger mechanism
Dovetail mounting rail
Sling mounts
Adjustable comb


No open sights
About Benjamin Marauder PCP Air Rifle, Synthetic Stock air rifle

This black Benjamin air rifle is one of the popular pre-charged pneumatic air rifle in the market. It length is around 42.8 inches and it weighs around 7.3 lbs (without scope)


Rifled steel barrel
Two stage trigger mechanism
Nitro Piston power mechanism
Picatinny Style rail for mounting scope
Traditional Hardwood stock
Comes fitted with Sling mount and swivel studs

Bit heavy
About Benjamin Trail NP XL Air Rifle
The rifle length is around 49 inches which also includes the length of the break barrel. It weighs around 8.5 lbs. The Benjamin Train NP XL is factory fitted with sling mounts and swivel studs


Sturdy and light-weight

Unlike traditional air rifles, this Benjamin air rifle features an all-weather synthetic stock that is tough and light-weight. This means you can easily carry or shoot with this air rifle all day without getting tired.

Easy loading

It is a bolt action rifle which means the rifle is equipped with a handle at the right side to push the pellet in the firing chamber after each shot. You do not have to open the breech frequently to load the pellet.

Less cocking and continuous shots

It is not a single shot air rifle. This air rifle has an 8 round rotary magazine which means you can load 8 pellets in this air rifle at a time. With this Marauder air rifle, you will be cocking less and firing more.

Strong barrel with good firing power

The barrel of this marauder air rifle is made of rifled steel. You can use .25 caliber pellets with this air rifle. The pellets achieve a velocity of 900 fps when fired from this air rifle.

Significantly silent

The barrel of this air file is internally shrouded to reduce the noise of the shot. The power source used in this air rifle is Air/Co2 which means the air rifle makes very less noise.

Two stage trigger mechanism

The two stage trigger mechanism makes every shot steady and smooth. One of the advantages of two-stage trigger is you get an additional moment to think and concentrate on the target.

Too much dependence on scope is not good

With no open sights on this air rifle, you have no option but to fit the scope for accurate shooting. The scope adds some weight which some may not like.

Good looking
The rifle has stock made of hardwood with attractive checker design. The overall look of this rifle is quite good and it also looks good when hanging around your arms or on the wall.Heavy duty performance
The Nitro piston mechanism gives the air rifle good firing power. The rifle can shoot alloy pellets at a velocity of 1100 fps while the regular pellets travel at a velocity of 950 fps.Comfortable to use
The rifle comes fitted with cheek pads on both sides which ensures left hand and right hand shooters are at comfort while using the air rifle. The rifle has integrated rail mounting system for scope that ensures easy fitting and removal of scope.Sturdy scope mount
The integral rail mounting system holds the scope perfectly and you will notice the scope stays at its place and does not come off even after strong recoil force of the air rifle.Adequate safety mechanisms
The rifle is fitted with two stage trigger system that ensures you get another chance to think before you actually fire the shot. The manual safety lever ensures the ammunition is not accidentally released when the gun is cocked.

Bit bulky
The break barrel is made of steel and the stock of the rifle is made of hardwood that adds to the weight.

Not so silent
The air rifle can sound noisy at the start and it may take a while before you actually experience the reduction in noise as the rifle firing mechanism breaks in.


This Marauder air rifle is a perfect air rifle who wants combination of power and convenience. It is ideal for predator hunting, varmint hunting and small game hunting.

If you are looking for a powerful hunting air rifle that really works well, this Benjamin air rifle may be just what you are looking for. Don’t think more.

Hunters who have been using traditional air rifle with wood stock love this Benjamin air rifle. It is ideal for Warmint hunting, small game hunting, pest control and target shooting.Looking to buy a powerful air rifle that also looks good. There is no doubt this Air Rifle is worth your money.

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