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How To Get Rid Of Hiccups

Everyone knows what it is like to have hiccups. For some, they can be quite troublesome especially when they occur unexpectedly. There are many possible scenarios for hiccups to occur. It can occur during meal times or after taking a swig of beer or any other alcoholic beverage.

Sometimes you just begin hiccupping without any reason at all. Hiccups happen when the diaphragm experiences spasms. When these spasms occur, you can hiccup for a few minutes or even up to an hour. As you might have experienced before, hiccups can be quite a bother if you don’t get rid of them immediately.

Common Remedies to Relieve Hiccups

So, you have been experiencing hiccups on and off and it has already started bothering your productivity levels. What can you do to get relief from it? Well, here are some tips that you might want to keep in mind just in case your hiccups come back.

  • Water – When you start hiccupping, you should go and get a glass of water and drink it. Have someone cover your ears while drinking. This has been proven to help get rid of that disturbing hiccup so you can continue with your work. This technique doesn’t require much effort on your part which is why many have been using it to get rid of their hiccups wherever they may be.
  • Hold Your Breath – If drinking water didn’t do the trick, the next step would be holding your breath. Try holding your breath for a few seconds. This technique helps in managing your hiccups in various situations. Although for some, they end up with an upset stomach but only for a little while the effects are guaranteed to relieve them of hiccups.
  • Be Scared – Having someone scare you has been an old school remedy for hiccups. You might find this a weird way to solve your hiccups but you are sure to hear stories on how getting frightened help curb this problem easily and i.;u’ithe results are found to be quite successful.
  • Stick Your Tongue Out – This is yet another remedy that you might feel foolish for doing but it has been found to be quite handy when it comes to getting rid of hiccups. Of course, you have to think twice on when you will be using this technique because you might end up feeling ridiculous especially when doing it in a public place.
  • Paper Bag – Breathing into a paper bag is said to help remedy your hiccup problem. The change in carbon monoxide can help alleviate the symptoms of hiccups so you can go on with your work or your meal.
  • Eating Food – There are some types of food that can help disperse that hiccup problem of yours. For some, eating a teaspoon or tablespoon of sugar can help get rid of their hiccup. For others, eating peanut butter seems to take effect when it comes to alleviating hiccups. To be fair, the act of swallowing appears to do the trick when it comes to solving hiccups.
  • Honey – If you have some honey in your cupboard, it would be better to swallow at least a spoonful of it to soothe the nerves on your diaphragm.
  • Ice Cold Water – If drinking ordinary lukewarm water doesn’t do you any good when it comes to relieving your hiccups you might want to get ice cold water instead. The cold temperature is sure to shock your nerves which can help stop your hiccups from continuing.
  • Lemon – Another helpful hiccup remedy is lemon. This works by biting into a slice of lemon when you have a hiccup. The taste of the lemon may be enough to divert your hiccup.
  • Sugar – Just like swallowing honey can do the trick to relieve you of hiccups so too can sugar. Place the sugar on the edge of your inner tongue and swallow. The sweet taste may be enough to rid yourself of the hiccups that have been plaguing you.
  • Marshmallow – If you love eating marshmallows then you will certainly enjoy eating it even more especially now that it is one of the tricks used to get rid of hiccups. You don’t have to do acrobatics just to get rid of your hiccups. This may just do the trick in relieving you of that pesky hiccup you have been having for a few minutes now.
  • Surprise News – For some individuals, getting a surprise news while hiccupping can remedy it. One example is telling someone that you are pregnant or that you won the lottery. Many parents have been snapped out of their hiccups by their kids using this technique and it might work for you too.

These remedies have proven to be quite efficient in their purpose but you need to keep in mind that the results may not be the same with everyone. A severe case of hiccups may have some underlying health issue that needs to be checked by a specialist. If you have been having hiccups for some time now and no home remedy can get rid of it, it might be best that you have a specialist take a look at you.

You can take advantage of any of these household remedies whenever you or someone else is hiccupping. Of course, you need to use one remedy at a time to see which one works best for you.

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