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What is gravity

Einstein said gravity is not a force. Its the curving of space by massive objects. And it decreases with the distance from the mass.

As a result of curved space, time or the pace of everything is slowed down as nearby light have to travel extra distance at contant speed.

But there is another kind of gravity which  increases with distance. It affects the object farthest from the centre of the group.

Time as we know it is a term for conscious being. If there were no conscious life there would be no concept of time. We can feel time slowing down or flying by with our breath and heart beat.

If 100 people join to become a group their minds are entangled like the sport team or even in a small corporate environment.

They become a virtual mass that can affect physical things that are farthest from them.

They all experience slowing of time at the cost of entanglement.

Countries least affected by corona is the key.

I think it can give some light on the corona wave. They are the group and we are the rivals or minorities in some respect.

As corona unfolded we all became a group slowing economic and our activities to give WHO or vaccine manufacturing enough slowed time to make vaccine.

Then we moved in invidual groups again leading to another waves.

It is the basis for politics.

When there is a large group it affect the rivals or minorities in unlucky way. Their time is speeding up. Thats why balance is necessary to keep the gravity and group’s competence in check.

Competence is sharpened with more individual devotion than in a group.

What happens to a planet with gravity without competence? It becomes a dead planet.

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