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Goal of SEO

As I said in this post that the best way to utilise the resources available for SEO is to do in the direction mentioned.

The goal of SEO is to make each quadrant with properties of opposite quadrant.

This is done by starting with any quadrant by making it like preceding quadrant and when your sites starts ranking it shifts one quadrant to move to opposite one.

In simple non technical language.

To make Web 2.0 like money site use it like social media and post stuff for your future visitors or evergreen stuff. It pulls in trust to buy stuff from your money site indirectly.

Money site is a like web 2.0 if it gets comments as it start ranking.

PBN is made like web 2.0.  It is like a genuine web 2.0 blog but on personal domain.

When it gets traction it becomes your social media as personal things get most attention and is most effective on  a personal domain than social media which is crowded with selfies or affective empathy even though phone is a device with most potential for cognitive empathy the most essential ingredient for any spiritual progress.

Your social media which you start by making like a money site by which I mean posting stuff to know or understand the audiences to create content for money sites.

After that it only becomes a private blog network ie not of much use and just for stuff of public interest.

See there may be overlap between web 2.0 and SM. For ex- Reddit or forums. It depends on relative popularity of the SM or web2.0 you  are using.

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