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Getting rid of cockroaches

There are few insects like cockroaches that are as are as repulsive, resilient or reproductive as cockroaches. They can live by eating only once a month, if unattained can pair and produce 30,000 offspring in a year and are potential carriers of food poisoning,, dysentry, diphtheria, hepatitis and typhoid .


Of more than 400 native species of cockroach the local species are not known to be a pest and stay outside the house. The main problems are the imports species like -the large American and Smoky Brown roaches. The smaller softer-bodied German species reaches 10-15 mm, can go to tiny cracks and crevices of Kitchens and bathrooms are are a real terror.


Cockroaches live in dark, warm and moist narrow cracks and crevices and emerge at night to feed. Places like underneath fridges and stoves; around hot water systems, in piles of newspapers or cardboard; pipes, underneath the floor; in the ceiling; sinks and cupboards.

One cockroach a month during night is a call for control. Dozen of them is a infestation requiring expert help. In that case you better move out and call in a professional pest controller.


Permethrin, is an insecticide which has high effectiveness and very low toxicity to humans.

A new generation insecticide called hydramethylnon are less repellent to cockroaches and better at enticing them inside.If the label says the bait contains an organophosphate such as chlorpyriphos you have old bait.

But rememmber- to remove all food and utensils before application to avoid contact with insecticides.

An effortless way is to, try cockroach bombs.

These foggers come in a spray can and usually contain insecticides like permethrin but also insect growth regulators . These hormone work long-term by preventing the insects to reach their sexual maturity.

Researchers say the hormones are specific to insects and therefore are less toxic to humans than other compunds like sugar or salt.

Other than aerosols-as several environmentalists advise against them-you can also go for baits, traps and borax, which is relatively cheaply available from chemists.

Borax can be used by placing a mixture of mixture of five per cent borax in sugar on a small lid where children and pets cannot reach.

Traps can also be used.

Spraying the breeding areas with synthetic pyrethroids such as permethrin, allethrin and tetramethrin.

You can also seal cracks and crevices in cupboards or around around pipes to prevent access from outside.

Co-operation from neighbors is also required as cockroaches revells in garbage, drains and sewers and then tramp inside. Doing it alone in a block of units wont do any good and is a waste of time even if you are scrupulously clean and have killed every cockroach in the place. In serious situations, the whole block is needed to be fumigated. Doing it on only one house is futile.


  • BAITS: Containing hydramethylnon include Maxforce are available. Borax which is also recommended.
  • SPRAYS: They contain permethrin. Some generic brands are Raid, Scotts, and Mortein Low Toxic Insect Killer.
  • BOMBS: Contain insect growth regulator.Example are Zoecon Roach Ban and Mortein Roach Bomb.

When cockroaches find their way home they come with lots of damages beyond your imagination. In fact, their presence means that nothing in your house except metals are safe. You and the whole family is not speared too because they are best at spreading germs especially when they snack on your food.

They’ll damage your items ranging from electronics, wallpaper, books, clothes and much more. What worsens the situation is that getting rid of them can be the hardest of tasks. If that’s your situation, worry no more because. I have the solution to your problem and I will help you to kick them out permanently. Check this out: 9 ways to get rid of cockroaches!

  • Use pandan leaves

Did you know that cockroaches can’t stand sweet smell? Well, now you know. And because of the sweet smell of the pandan leaves, their presence, will repel and get rid of roaches out of your house. All you need to do is look for pandan leaves and cut each into two, tie them in knots and put them in every place that these intruders are hiding. Having these leaves in your house is also beneficial because your house will smell fresh always as long as you replace them when they dry up.

  • Trap them in a soda bottle

I bet you’ve heard of it but you just think it’s an old method, that can’t work. Well, it works miracles as far as getting rid of roaches is concerned. Get a soda bottle, cut its top, remove its cup, and then have it placed upside down inside the bottle. Have soapy water inside the bottle and leave it there for some few days. Because they love the solution, they will try to reach it, but instead, will be drowned into the solution. This method remains the simplest and most effective way of getting rid of roaches.

  • Get a fragrant spray

Cockroaches breathe through their skin and therefore, they will suffocate in the presence of fragrance hence die slowly. If they detect its presence, they will escape as quickly as possible. I would strongly recommend that you use fabric softener to spray on them. You know that it’s soapy, which makes gaseous exchange through the skin of cockroaches difficult. Of course, nothing can stay alive if it can’t breathe.

Al you need to do is mix a fabric softener with twice the amount of water and pour the mixture into a clean spray bottle. Spray on the cockroaches and all their nesting areas.

  • Sprinkle with boric acid

Can you get boric acid? If you answered yes, then you won’t have more problems with those little intruders. All you need to do is mix the boric acid with sugar –ensure the two mixtures are of equal amount – then sprinkle in the affected areas. If possible, sprinkle everywhere. Concentrate on areas like kitchen cabinets, drawers, bathrooms among other places and items.

They will eat the powder and die marking the end of your struggle. Even though boric acid is not directly harmful to your health, they can cause food poisoning and therefore before you start the exercise, keep food away.

  • Flour

Flour is among the powders that are harmful to many insects. It would work best if you mix it with sugar as well as boric acid. Sprinkle the mixture in relevant areas to kill the cockroaches and other insects.

  • Spray them with hair spray

I bet you never saw this coming but it works magic on cockroaches. Because they’re sticky, spray them on the invaders and they will be stuck wherever the spray find them. They won’t be able to move any part of their body and in that way; they’ll suffocate or starve to death. The others will not try to step on the sticky place and so; they will disappear. So, next time you see one scrolling around, just reach for your spray, which is present in almost all homes.

  • Use coffee to trap cockroaches

It’s been proven beyond reasonable doubt that cockroaches are attracted by the smell of coffee, and caffeine is poisonous to them. So get some few cups, which you’ll add a mixture of coffee grinds and water to each one of them. Place the cups containing the mixture in jars. After which, place the jars in strategic positions where the roaches are found in large numbers.

The coffee aroma will attract them and in that way, they will enter the jar one by one. Once inside, they are trapped and they won’t be able to escape. After about 3 days, empty the jars and cups then repeat the process until your house is free.

  • Use a mixture of baking and sugar

Get baking soda and add the same amount of sugar to form a mixture that will help you get rid of roaches. Sprinkle the mixture in relevant places throughout the house. Because they love sugar, they will be attracted to the mixture and then baking soda will have its chance to cause accumulation of gas into their system so that they die slowly. Its more advantageous to use baking soda and sugar because it’s not harmful in anyway, which makes the user comfortable even with the presence of children.

  • Cayenne pepper

Cockroaches, like other insects, hate pepper with passion, making cayenne the best natural repellent against them. Into 4 cups of boiling water, add at least one teaspoon of cayenne pepper and allow it to cool before pouring it into a clean spray bottle. You can then spray it in all the areas that you believe are the hiding places of the roaches and you’re house will be free from them.

Now, either depending on the item that you can get easily or on the method that you think suits you the most, just choose from the above list and say goodbye to cockroaches. It’s advisable that you get rid of them yourself so that in case infestation occurs next time, you’ll have been a “professional” in handling them. So, go ahead and do the necessary. Say no to roaches!

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