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Best Water Purifiers in India

Choosing the best water purifier for your home can be a bit difficult due to lack of knowledge on the technologies a water purifier use.

So thought I would write up an article on this topic.

I will explain to you the technologies different water purifiers use and also tell you which is the best purifier for your home, based on the water which is available in your locality.

Complete Guide to Buying the Best Water Purifier

First, I will tell you a few things to keep in mind before buying a water purifier for your home. I would suggest you read the steps I had mentioned below to take the right decision.

I will list the things to keep in mind first, then I will explain in detail about each step. So that would make things simple and clear to you.

  1. Source of water coming to your home
  2. Hardness or TDS level of water you have
  3. Type of purifying technologies available
  4. Purifying technologies needed for you home
  5. After support provided by the Brand of water purifier

So let me start to explain in detail about each thing mentioned above.

Source of Water coming to your Home

The major factor in buying a water purifier is by knowing which type of water is used in your home. It is because water from different sources has a different level of bacteria or micro-organisms which may be harmful to your health and dissolved salts which are not required for your body.

The purifier must also help in removing the heavy metals like lead, arsenic, mercury etc from the water too. The heavy metals should be removed as it cannot be removed by the immune system and it will start accumulating in our body causing health problems.

Some water sources may contain very harmful bacteria, virus, and germs which may cause water-borne diseases like cholera, typhoid etc. I would prefer you to choose a water purifier by keeping all these in mind and don’t go for cheap and low-quality water purifier. It is matter of your health, my friend.

Just calculate how much you might spend on doctor fees and medications if you get ill. So choose wisely. Below I will provide you with details on the source of water, micro-organism level, hardness, of water etc. Details below are from water sources in India.

Underground or Borewell or Tanker Supplied Water

Harmful Micro-organism Level – Very High in Bacteria, Virus and other Germs

Hardness or TDS level – Hard Water and Very High TDS

Recommended Purifier – RO+UV Type

Underground or Tube Well or Salty Water

Harmful Micro-organism Level – Bacteria and Viruses are Low

Hardness or TDS level – High hardness and TDS level

Recommended Purifier – RO Type

Source from Surface Water like River, Lakes or Rain Harvesting Plans

Harmful Micro-organism Level – Low germs, bacteria and virus in water.

Hardness or TDS level – The water will be soft water

Recommended Purifier – UV or Ultra Violet Type

Hardness or TDS level of Water you Use

In the above table, I had mentioned a technical word that is TDS or Hardness of water. The full form of TDS is Total Dissolved Salts. TDS helps us to calculate the hardness and softness of water you use. The water we get from well or tank suppliers contains a lot of salts and impurities in it. These must be removed from the water as it is harmful to our body.

These impurities even include heavy metals like lead, mercury, and arsenic which is very harmful. The heavy metals cannot be removed by the immune system of our body, so we should purify the water from these and use. Stacking of these heavy metals in ou body may cause health issues and reduce our lifespan. These are very much harmful to children in long run.

This is where the RO purifier comes into action. The RO purifier cleanses the water and makes it fit for drinking.

So now, How to check the Hardness or TDS level of water manually?

To check the hardness and TDS of water you must buy a TDS meter which you can easily buy online.

Note: I would recommend you to buy a TDS meter, so that you can check the purity of water even after buying the purifier. This will give you an idea when to service your purifier.

Below is the TDS reading showing the purity and hardness of water, you can use to check.

TDS Reading and purity of Water you Use

0-80 – Ideal Drinking Water and Very Soft Water

80-15 – It is soft water and can be used for drinking

150-400 – Hard water and use an RO Purifier

400 and Above – It is Very Hard Water and uses an RO+UV Purifier

Purifying Technologies available in Best Water Purifiers

I will list down the best purifier technologies used and then explain about each of them.

Technologies available in the Best Water Purifiers:

  • RO or Reverse Osmosis Technology
  • UV or Ultra Violet Technology
  • UF or Ultra Filtration technology

Now, I will tell you in detail about each technology used.

1. RO or Reverse Osmosis Technology

This technology is used in water purifiers which are used to purify Salty, Hard and High TDS Level water. This technology converts high TDS and Hard water to water fit for drinking. In this process, water is passed under high pressure through a semi-permeable membrane to remove even minute impurities.

RO water purifier needs electricity and produces a lot of wastewater.

2. UV or Ultra Violet Technology

In this process, a rod is placed inside the body of water purifier which continuously produces Ultra Violet radiations. The UV radiations are made to pass through the water which destroys the germs in the water. This technology mainly helps in killing germs, bacteria, virus, and other microorganisms present in the water. They do not remove dissolved salts and impurities.

This technology uses electricity but they don’t produce waste water.

3. UF or Ultra Filtration Technology

In this process, threads of microfibers are used for filtration. Water will be passed through the microfibers threads which will remove the impurities like salt from water. This process is mainly from plants and trees which use its root fibers as filtering water.

Which Purifying technology do you need?

Guess you know the hardness of water you use now. You can check with these purifying technologies below. I had mentioned which is best for all kind of water.

  1. RO Water Purifiers: are used for purifying water with high salt which is harmful to health. They use a semi-permeable membrane for the purification process. I had mentioned about the RO technology in the above section.
  2. UV Water Purifiers: are used mainly to make the water germ free and fit to drink. UV Purifier keep us away from virus, bacteria, and other microorganisms which cause disease like typhoid, cholera etc.
  3. Water purifier using gravity: It is one of the best water purifier in India which don’t need any electricity. These are purely pressure, gravity, and chamber based technology. The water will flow from an upper chamber to lower chamber. In between the both chambers a germ killing kit will be fixed which purify the water. Gravity based water purifiers are good for purifying soft water which contains very low dissolved salts. You can purchase these purifiers at a very reasonable price ranging from Rs.1000 to Rs.4000.
  4. Technology Fusion: These are universal purifiers which use a fusion of technologies. All type of water can be purified by this kind of water purifier. It uses RO, UV, and UF technologies together to give you the best and clean water to drink. This water purifier is a fully automatic purifier which even checks the water level and uses the best technology needed for the type of water. Universal purifiers remove all germs and dissolved salts from the water.

Brand Genuity and After Support

The final and important step for buying a water purifier in India. After you decided which water purifier to buy, next is to decide which brand of water purifier to buy. Most of the people at this stage for go for the cheapest brand. My dear friend, when it is related to health go for the best brands. Small brands will be using cheap quality materials. So go for good brands.

After two or three months of purchase, you want to get the purifier serviced. This is the main reason I recommend to go for good brands. Big brands give you superb after sales support. Yes, it’s true it will cost a bit extra for the big shots but keep in mind it is worth it. Bigger brands also use high-quality membranes, filters and germ kills which run for a longer period.

Now I will give you the comparison, pricing, and lot more of the water purifiers available in India. First, I will give a comparison table of all water purifiers in general and in the next section I will compare separately on different technologies.

10 Best Water Purifier in India Comparison

Brand and Model Technology Capacity Price Best Deals
Aquaguard Geneus

RO+UV+UF 7 Litres Rs.24,000  


HUL Pureit Ultima
RO+UV 10 Litres Rs.16,000

Kent Grand

RO+UV 8 Litres Rs.16,500

Aquaguard Enhance
RO+UV 7 Litres Rs.16,000

Aquaguard Enhance RO
RO 7 Litres Rs.13,000

HUL Pureit Marvella Slim
RO 4 Litres Rs.7,500

Tata Swach Viva Silver

UV+UF 6 Litres Rs.7,500

Kent Ultra UV
UV 4 Litres Rs.6,000

Pureit Classic

Gravity 14 Litres Rs.1,600

Tata Swach Smart
Gravity 15 Litres Rs.1,400

5 Best Water Purifier in India in Detail

Here I will list the best water purifier, one in each technology. These are the best according to the reviews online, user rating and after sale brand support. You can go through each one and decide which is the best water purifier for your home.

RO+UV+UF: Aquaguard Geneus Water Purifier 7 Liters

The best feature of this water purifier is that it automatically reads the hardness of water. And it converts the water into water suitable for drinking. Aquaguards’s Geneus is a Universal Water Purifier which can purify any kind of water to clean and pure water. It helps in removing all kind of dissolved salts, germs, and impurities from the water. Geneus is a Reverse Osmosis water purifier which also uses Ultra Violet(UV) and Ultra Filtration(UF) technology.

The main features are its e-boiling, enhancing taste and enhancing electronic life membrane. It also has many other features which make Aquaguard Geneus one of the best water purifier available in India.

  • Suggested for people using water which are from borewell, tanker water, and municipality. Geneus detects the water dissolved salts and uses the technology best suited to purify the water.
  • One of the best features I loved in this water purifier is the Taste Guard Technology. TG technology keeps the water tasty and does not remove the essential minerals from water which are good for our body. There are other RO water purifiers which change the taste of water and essential minerals are also removed.
  • The water is boiled for about twenty minutes using the E-Boiling technology to make water super safe to drink.
  • This purifier detects the type of water and uses the required technology to purify the water. The RO membrane filters the water and removes all kind of dissolved salts and heavy metals and reduces the TDS level of water. Whereas the UV technology helps in purifying the water from germs, bacteria, and viruses. And last not the least the UF filtration tube gives us the best pure and diamond clear water.
  • Electronic Membrane Life enhancer stops the dissolved salts and heavy metals accumulating inside the membrane of the purifier.EMLE technology helps increase the service life of the water purifier and keeps the semi-permeable membrane clean.
  • Maintainance Indicator gives you the warning when you should change the membrane and get the purifier serviced.
  • You can keep the purifier in the Reserve Mode which will extend the membrane life about twenty hours more in an urgency.
  • An exclusive LED Display is used in the water purifier which shows you the water level, filter life, water taste, and fault indicator.
Features Description
Technology RO+UV+UF
Capacilty 15 Liters/ Hour
TDS Input Level 0-2000(mg/l) ppm
Fixing Top of Table and Mount on Wall
Power 230 V, 50Hz and 45W
Indicator LED Display
Weight 11.80 Kg
Extra Chemical Block
Taste Enhancer
RO Membrane
UF Tube
UV Treatment
TDS Reduction
Storage Tank
Booster Pump etc.

I will recommend this product very much because of its high performance purification technology and after sale support from the company. Geneus looks cool and is designed very well. And the brand name as all know, Aqua guard is a reputable company in the water purifier niche and have impressive after sales support.

RO+UV: Kent Grand RO+UV Water Purifier 8 Liter

In the RO+UV section of water purifiers, I rank the Kent Grand as the best and I have a lot of reasons for the same. This helps in purifying high TDS level or hard water and removes all bacteria or germs from the water using the UltraViolet technology. The RO and UV combination help in converting hard water to soft water and also killing harmful bacteria, virus, and all micro-organisms. Kent Grand is having a very simple and clean design which makes it attractive.

You don’t have to worry about the source of water with its TDS meter which will keep you updated with the type of water. Kent Grand gives you clean, pure and tasty water without removing calcium, potassium, and other essential minerals.

  • Best suggested for people using water with TDS level more than 500ppm or if the source of water is borewell or municipal water.
  • It has the Triple Protection Technology with RO, UV and TDS regulator. This technology ensures the safety and purity of water by removing even the microorganisms which are harmful to health. Kent Grand also enhances the taste of water to an unlimited extent.
  • Kent Grand is Computer controlled and fully automatic which has auto on and auto off feature.
Features Description
Technology RO+UV
Capacilty 15 Liters/ Hour
Storage Capacity 8 Liters
Fixing Mount on Wall
Power 60W
Extra Super Quality Body

The Kent Grand is very good for family and home use and also comes in our budget. You even get an upgrade of this model, that is Kent Grand+ if you are looking for more features. If you are from South India do check about the services centers as there are some issues faced by people in South India about the after sale support.

UV+UF: Tata Swach Viva Silver 6 Liter Water Purifier

Is your family members regularly suffering from water-borne diseases like cholera or typhoid or dysentery? Then you should use a water purifier which will remove all bacteria, germs, virus, and microorganisms. For this, the best technology is the Ultra Violet(UV) technology which kills the bacteria using ultraviolet radiations.

This water purifier from TATA suits your kitchen with its dashing design and performance. It uses both the UV and Ultra Filtration(UF) technology to purify the water. Water is purified in a four-stage cleaning process which will also remove dissolved salts in water. It has silver covered parts inside the purifier which gives long life to filters. It also has indicators which show you details on the level of water and status of the purifier.

  • Suggested for people using water which has a TDS level below 300ppm and if the source of water is from lakes, rivers or water harvesters.
  • It has purification process in four stages with the UV and UF technology filters fitted. And this ensures the water is pure and clean to drink.
  • It is User-Friendly for cleaning the tank and servicing with its easily openable parts. It has a UV indicator and auto-on and auto-off features.
Features Description
Technology UV+UF 4 Stage
Capacilty 30 Liters/ Hour
Storage Capacity 6 Liters
Fixing Mount on Wall
Weight 6.5 Kg
Extra Advanced Indicators
UF Fault indicator
0 Contamintion Tank
Auto On / Auto Off
Silver Covering
Easy to Open

Swach Viva is a very good product from TATA and is very good in the purification of water. It kills all the germs and bacteria in water and makes water fit to drink. This is mainly due to the UV purification technique used for the purification of water. It has very good customer reviews over the internet in all major online shopping websites. TATA Swach Viva Silver is a very good, affordable, and attractive water purifier with very low maintenance cost.

RO: Aquaguard Enhance Water Purifier 7 Liter

Reverse Osmosis(RO) water purifier mainly helps in removing the dissolved salts in water which are harmful to health using a sei-permeable membrane. If you are staying in an area where water is salty or brackish then you should surely use an RO water purifier. This water purifier doesn’t make waste water and saves almost 30% of the water. This water purifier also removes heavy metals and pesticides present in water. Heavy metals like lead, arsenic, mercury etc are very harmful to health.

Aquaguard Enhance ensures the water is pure and is free from bacteria, virus, and other impurities. It has a 7 Liter storage capacity which keeps water available al the time. This purifier also has a very good design which will suit any modular kitchen style.

  • Aquaguard Enhance RO is mainly suggested for people who are using salty, Khara or brackish water.
  • If the water you are using is having very high TDS then this is the product for you. It reduces the hardness of water to an extreme level and makes the water fit for drinking.
  • Removes all the impurities, pesticides, germs, but it will retain the essential minerals in the water using the Mineral Guard Technology.
  • The dissolved salts, heavy metals, and other particles are removed from the membrane using the Electronic Membrane Life Enhancer.
  • It also reduces water wastage by 30%.
Features Description
Technology RO
Capacilty 12 Liters/ Minute
Storage Capacity 7 Liters
Fixing Mount on Wall and Table Top
Weight 8.2 Kg
Power 230V AC, 50 Hz, 40W
Input of TDS 500-1500ppm
Extra Taste Enhancer
Mineral Retainer
Low Water Waste

This purifier is from a reliable brand Eureka Forbes and is known for its quality and after sales support. This model of water purifier is best for water with high TDS level water. It has low maintenance cost as the membrane have a longer life. The design and look of this purifier are classy and perfect for a modular or Italian kitchen. It is one of the best RO water purifier.

Gravity: Pureit Classic Water Purifier 14 Liter

Pureit is the daughter product of the big shot Hindustan Unilever and is the major player in the market. During my college time I had used this product personally and it is a superb product. During college days this was the only water purifier I could afford.

This is suitable where you are using water with low TDS level and it purifies the water very well. Pureit’s technology doesn’t change the taste of water too and is the best product for soft water purification. The best thing I loved about this product is it needs no electricity and can be used in areas where there is a regular power cut.

  • Suggested for people who are using water with low TDS level or soft water where there are issues of electricity. You can use it for purifying dam water or river water which had already gone through a purification process.
  • I guess you might have seen the ad they run on television. Yes, it’s true that it removes about 1 crore virus from a liter of water.
  • It has a germ kill battery which has an auto-off and auto-on technology.
  • It is very easy to use and install anywhere in your home. Filters can be changed by yourself and it is very easy. Very low maintenance cost and the filter will cost you around Rs.450 which will run for about 8-12 months.
Features Description
Technology Gravity
Capacilty 14 Liters
Storage Capacity 5 Liters
Fixing Table top Only
Weight 2.5 Kg
Power No Need
Input of TDS Soft Water
Extra No Toxic
Odourless Sleek Design
Auto Shut Off

This is the best water purifier who are low on budget and also where there are electricity problems. After sales support is also very good, they provide you a toll-free number you can call them and they will come and service it at your place. You can buy it at very low prices using coupons and all through amazon or Flipkart.

After sales support will be provided by the company and all of them do a door step service for free. So, don’t worry about servicing your purifier.

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