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Best South Park Episodes Season 1 to 18

Some facts about South Park. It is late night animated Tv MA(mature audience) comedy addressing wide range of topics which includes current local or world events, social issues, technology, religion or politics of both sides of spectrum, left or right.


Four ten years boys are the main characters in the show.Kyle,Stan, Kenny and Eric. Of course all different from each other. Matt stone and Trey parker are creators of this most swearing animated series . On its launch people said it to be a show with bad animation and fart jokes.

Terrance and phillip show was inspired by this comment. Its fast computer animation makes it possible for creators to theme it on current events. It usually takes a week to do so. There is often an alien hidden in the episodes. Most of which leaves people with some catchy phrase like oh my god they killed Kenny or Timmay or of course Mr Mackey- Drugs are bad mkay.

Overall the series departs from the real experience to express these events in a funny way. One can watch its full episodes at the official site of south park.

Among main characters of the series Eric Cartman and Kyle Broflovski are striking. This is apart from the array of other main characters which i have left out including the other two friends. In particular the show stands out as a “series of affects” in society.

Many people mostly celebrities described in the series are hilarious. In addition, in some instances the audience is drawn into the new adventures and so it have even managed to impress those who does not like animation. Because of the shows long term broadcast the life long fans of the show are increasing every day. Four kids in the beginning might had you wondering if I would recommend the events in show as definitely worth watching.

Social and Political Satire

Chinpokomon (Ep 3-11)
In this episode of South Park, the boys fall into the new Chinpokomon fad sweeping through America. The fad is a thinly veiled poke at the Pokemon fad of the late Nineties.

Child Abduction is not Funny (Ep 6-11)
The parents of the town grow increasingly concerned about their children being abducted, spurred on by news reports. This leads to the children being banished from town and joining a group of Mongolians.

All About Mormons (Ep 7-12)
Stan makes friends with the new Mormon boy at school and Randy tries to convert his family to Mormonism. This episode explores the history and practice of Mormonism in modern life.

Butt Out (Ep 7-13)
When the boys are caught smoking, Rob Reiner and a group of anti-tobacco lobbyist flood South Park. Reiner and his team then goes to very extreme lengths to ban smoking indoors.

Douche and Turd (Ep 8-8)
This episode lampoons everything from PETA, political campaigns and elections, and Puff Daddy’s “Vote Or Die” ad campaign. Stan learns the lesson that his choice is always between a douche and a turd in elections.

Something Wall-Mart This Way Comes (Ep 8-9)
A brand new Wall-Mart opens up in South Park and infections the population with its low prices. This results in shopping addiction in Randy and small businesses closing their doors.

Trapped in the Closet (Ep 9-12)
This Emmy Award nominated episode is a scathing critique of the religion of Scientology. The episode mocks the beliefs of the religion and claims it is just a institute interested in money.

Black Friday trilogy (Eps 17-7 to 17-9)
In this series of episodes, nothing is safe. They mock everything like Game of Thrones, the Black Friday craze in America, George R. R. Martin, and video game console wars.

Rainforest Shmainforest (Ep 3-1)
The boys go on a school trip to Costa Rica to perform a rain forest support concert. While taking a tour in the rain forest, they learn of all the dangers in the forest.

Timmy 2000 (Ep 4-3)
There is a vast over diagnosis of Attention Deficient Disorder among the school children in South Park Elementary. This episode is also the introduction of the fan favorite character of Timmy.

Stan’s Best

My Future Self N’ Me (Ep 6-16)
Stan sets out to solve the mystery of who is behind his future self appearing in his time, not believing that he will grow up to be an unemployed drug addict.

Woodland Critter Christmas (Ep 8-14)
This episode is an example of one of Stan’s best character traits: playing the resistant straight man. He’s roped into helping a group of Satan worshiping animals he finds in the woods.

Free Willzyx (Ep 9-13)
Stan recruits the other boys to help him free a talking whale named Willzyx escape from the aquarium and return to his home on the moon, not knowing the whale’s talking was a prank.

Guitar Queer-o (Ep 11-13)
When Stan gets his big break playing Guitar Hero, his pursuit of fame causes a rift in his and Kyle’s friendship. Also a great Randy Episode as he plays Heroine Hero.

Whale Whores (Ep 13-11)
Mocking the show Whale Wars as Stan joins the crew and starts performing acts of eco-terrorism in under to protect whales and dolphins from the Japanese who hold a grudge with them after World War Two.

Kyle”s Best

The List (Ep 11-14)
The girls at South Park Elementary make a list ranking the boys on attractiveness. Kyle’s confidence is shaken upon learning he appears so low on the list and spirals into a depression.

Taming Strange (Ep 17-5)
Kyle must try to get Ike back to his normal self after Ike is accidentally given steroids and hits puberty much earlier than expected. This leads Ike only to be interested in “strange.”

Mr. Hankey, the Christmas Poo (Ep 1-9)
This episode explores Kyle’s Judaism and the isolation he feels around Christmas time due to it. His friends also mock him for his belief in the fabled Mr. Hankey, the Christmas Poo.

Ike’s Wee Wee (Ep 2-4)
Kyle panics as Ike’s bris draws closer, thinking the ceremony will result in Ike getting his penis cut off. Kyle also discovers and deals with the fact that Ike was adopted.

The Entity (Ep 5-11)
Kyle’s cousin Kyle comes to town for a visit, and Kyle tries everything to prevent Cartman from making fun of his cousin’s stereotypical Jewish mannerisms. Kyle also tries to send his cousin away.

Cartman’s Best

Scott Tenorman Must Die (Ep 5-5)
Cartman seeks revenge when he is tricked by an older boy into purchasing his pubic hair. A shocking reveal occurs at Cartman’s Chili Con Carnival when he makes the boy eat his own parents in chili.

Fat Butt and Pancake Head (Ep 7-5)
In this episode, Cartman imitates Jennifer Lopez by drawing a face on his hand. Things escalate as the real Lopez tries to attack Cartman and his hand begins a romantic relation with Ben Affleck.

Christian Rock Hard (Ep 7-9)
When the boys’ band breaks up, they make a bet to see who can make the first platinum album. Cartman then makes a Christian rock band, thinking it will sale the most albums.

Chickenlover (Ep 2-3)
Cartman is temporarialy put on the South Park police squad while Officer Barbardy learns to read. Cartman abuses his new found power and shouts his famous line: “Respect my authoritah!”

Casa Bonita (Ep 7-11)
This episode shows the insane lengths Cartman will go to get what his wants. By locking Butters in a bomb shelter for days, Cartman hopes to get an invitation to Kyle’s birthday party at Casa Bonita.

Kenny’s Best (Ep 9-4)

Best Friend’s Forever
When Kenny gets the high score in a PSP game, God kills him. He does this so Kenny can use the golden PSP to control Heaven’s army to wage war against the army from Hell.

Major Boobage (Ep 12-3)
A new drug craze called “cheesing” is raging through South Park. Kenny gets hooked on the drug when he is transported a heavy metal, boob-filled world every time he gets high.

Coon vs. Coon and Friends (Ep 14-13)
The last episode of the Coon and Cthulhu trilogy, Cartman seeks revenge on Kenny and the Coon and Friends. This episode finally reveals the secret of Kenny’s many deaths and revivals.

The Ring (Ep 13-1)
Kenny is desperate to take his new girlfriend to a Jonas Brother concert after hearing rumors that the band makes girls want to perform sexual acts with their boyfriends.

Chickenpox (Ep 2-10)
The boys’ parents send them to Kenny’s house for a sleep over in an attempt to give the boys chickenpox. This episode is the first to fully explore the depths of the poverty that Kenny lives in.

Butters’ Best

Butter’s Very Own Episode (Ep 5-14)
The first episode centered around Butters, he investigates his father’s night time activities. He then reports to his mom of his father’s homosexual acts at adult movie theaters and bath houses.

Professor Chaos (Ep 6-6)
Butters has finally had enough of being bullied and creates his evil alter ego: Professor Chaos. In this episode, Butters uses his new identity to try to spread chaos and fear throughout the world.

AWESOM-O (Ep 8-5)
Butters recieves a mysterious package from Japan and finds the AWESOM-O 4000, a friendship robot, inside. Unknown to Butters, however, the robot is actually Cartman trying to pull a prank on him.

Marjorine (Ep 9-9)
The boys are terrified to learn that the girls at South Park Elementary has created a device that can predict the future. In order to attain it, the boys use Butters dressed as a girl to infiltrate a slumber party.

Butters’ Bottom Bitch (Ep 13-9)
When Butters pays a girl on the playground for his first kiss, he realizes that he can help the girl by organizing her kissing appointments and taking a cut of her profits.

Randy’s Best

Bloody Mary (Ep 9-14)
Randy is debilitated when he suffers from the disease of alcoholism. When he has almost lost hope, he decided his only chance of curing himself is the statue of Mary who bleeds out of her ass.

Two Days Before the Day After Tomorrow (Ep 9-8)
Global warming has struck South Park. When Randy finds Stan missing from the emergency shelter, he and a few other men take it upon themselves to brave the global warming devastated outside world in order to save him.

Something You Can Do With You Finger (Ep 4-8)
Randy is horrified when he finds out Stan and the other boys have created a boy band named Finger Bang. He reveals to Stan his history as a member of a short lived boy band.

The Losing Edge (Ep 9-5)
The boys spend all summer trying to lose their little league baseball games so they can stop playing the game. Randy spends all summer fighting other members of the crowd at the boys’s games.

Make Love, Not Warcraft (Ep 10-8)
When a player on World of Warcraft is illegally killing other players, Randy is the only hope of delivering a power weapon to the boys who are waging a war with the player.

Top ten episodes of south park
Most Controversial

1. Cartoon Wars – Mohammad is mocked once again, leaving Muslims up in arms over the episode.

2. 200 – This episodes tries to tackle censorship and the importance of free speech.

3. Not Without My Anus – This gem angered viewers by featuring Saddam Hussein, Celine Dion, and Terrance and Philip. It was originally meant to be the answer to who Eric Cartman’s father was in the previous season, which ended on a cliffhanger.

4. Pinewood Derby – Mexico’s flag is inappropriately used, which left many viewers upset.

5. Douche and Turd – This episode mocked the 2004 elections with a giant douche and turd sandwich, stating that there’s no real difference between the two as Stan refuses to vote.

6. 201 – In this episode, all appearances of Mohammad were blacked out by the network and is said to be more shocking than the actual character.

7. Tonsil Trouble – Cartman gets AIDS and attempts to give it to Kyle out of revenge.

8. Jared Has Aides – Butters is seen being abused by his parents, which was disturbing to most viewers.

9. Cripple Fight – This episode’s title speaks for itself and involves two disabled students getting into a fight at school.

10. Proper Condom Use – This episode features plenty of sex ed scenes but combine disturbing humor into the storyline.

Most Offensive

1. Super Best Friends – a coalition of religious figures is formed, which include Jesus, Joseph Smith, Buddha, and a Muslim prophet known as Muhammad. Muhammad was offensive to Muslims viewers in this episode due to how he was depicted.

2. 201 – In this episode, all appearances of Mohammad were blacked out by the network which is said to be more shocking than the actual character.

3. With Apologies to Jesse Jackson – This episode in season 11 addresses the controversy involved after Michael Richards used the N-word.

4. Bloody Mary – A statue of the virgin Mary is covered with blood, which offends plenty of Catholics.

5. Crack Baby Athletic Association – In season 15, the NCAA is bluntly mocked.

6. The China Probrem – Cartman and Butters both decide to dress up as Chinese people before the act of rape is depicted.

7. Not Without My Anus – This gem angered viewers by featuring Saddam Hussein, Celine Dion, and Terrance and Philip. It was originally meant to be the answer to who Eric Cartman’s father was in the previous season and was considered to be the middle finger to the audience.

8. Jared Has Aides – Butters is seen being abused by his parents, which was disturbing to most viewers.

9. Cripple Fight – This episode’s title speaks for itself and involves two disabled students getting into a fight.

10. Trapped in the Closet – Both Tom Cruise and Scientology are bluntly mocked.

Most Dark

1. Hell on Earth – Satan decides to throw a sweet 16 party in Hell, which Steve Irwin attends and is seen with a stingray on his chest.

2. Death – Stan’s grandfather is described as suicidal in this episode and begins to beg his grandson to murder him.

3. The Return of Chef – After leaving for a period of time, Chef returns and is clearly brainwashed by a cult that is hinted to be Scientology.

4. Woodland critters- Cartman’s imagined evil animals engage in all sorts of satanic rituals.

5. Scott Tenorman Must Die – Cartman looks to target an eighth grader after purchasing his pubes fails to impress Cartman’s friends.

6. Bloody Mary – A statue of the virgin Mary is covered with blood, which offends plenty of Catholics.

7. World War Zimmerman – Both World War Z and George Zimmerman are mocked during this story line.

8. Red Sleigh Down – Santa Clause is the butt of the joke here and looks more like a homeless drunkard.

9. The Missing Episode – This one left viewers wondering why the show didn’t meet its deadline.

10. Butters very own episode – Butters mother goes crazy and tries to kill him by drowning him into a lake.

My favorite quotes and scenes- You are gonna have a bad time What seems to be the officer problem…:) What ever I do what I want.. Miss teacher bangs a boy nice.. The super best friends Krishna buddha moses and s*men..Its seaman. 🙂 Do you wanna get high.. Screw you guys i am going home. Lew lew lew.. Hello Mr click click derk. Ok children as i was saying HareKrishnas are totally gay. This is Abc news or News 27 whatever ever f*@k you. Boy sure its taking a long time… (Butters and general disarray tries to flood the world with tap water.)

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