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How To Get Rid Of Razor Bumps

If you have noticed some reddish bumps on your skin after shaving, you might be suffering from razor bumps.

Razor bumps often occur when the hair curls and grows back into your skin. This can irritate your skin causing swelling and sometimes even scarring when not taken care of immediately.

Since the skin tends to consider this growth as an infection it will try to fight it back hence the swelling which can be painful when touched.

Sometimes the razor bumps become infected with bacteria which can make them appear like breakout of acne. Unless taken care of immediately, you will end up with a big problem regardless of whether they are located on your face, jaw, legs or armpits.

Prevention is the Key

Before you start looking for the right treatment, you should start learning how to
prevent razor bumps from occurring in the first place. So, for those who don’t want to experience this particular problem when they shave, here are some steps that you should follow.

# Refrain from shaving daily – If you are prone to razor bumps avoid shaving for 2 to 3 days at least especially during close shave. It would be better if you use an electric razor when controlling your facial hair in between close shaves. Hair shouldn’t be too hard to manage especially when shaving your head or perhaps your legs. In this case, letting your skin rest for a few days can help prevent razor burns from occurring.

# Use warm water – To prevent razor bumps you might want to consider applying warm water on the area where you want to shave. Warm water can help soften the hair so you can shave them easily and prevent curling from occurring.

You can either shave after you take a shower or place a wash cloth that you had soaked on warm water onto the area of your body you wish to shave. Doing any of these steps can help prevent razor burns from occurring when you remove your hair through shaving.

# Correct shaving techniques – If you don’t want to suffer from razor bumps then you should follow the right methods to shaving. You should start off by applying shaving cream and letting it stay for a few minutes to make sure that your hair and skin soften prior to shaving. Keep in mind to avoid shaving against the growth of your hair. This can cause hair strands to curl back which can then cause razor burns to appear.

# Clean your razor with rubbing alcohol – Keeping your razor clean after every use is highly recommended to prevent bacteria from getting into the pores of your skin when you shave. A clean razor can prevent razor bumps from occurring.

# Avoid picking on your razor bumps – Scratching or pricking your razor burns can further exacerbate the problem. If you can’t stand the itching, apply a few drops of alcohol on the affected area to numb it. This step is important especially when the surface of your skin has nicks, scrapes or cuts. After shave products that have tea tree oil and alcohol can disinfect your skin so no bacteria will be able to live after shaving.

How To Get Rid Of Razor Bumps – Treating Razor Bumps

Now that you have an idea on how to prevent razor bumps from occurring, you should learn how to treat them if ever they occur. Fortunately, there are some helpful tips that you can take advantage of when treating this problem which won’t cost you a lot of money in the process.

# Avoid Shaving Problem Areas Until they Fully Heal – If you have razor bumps, avoid shaving the same area because it can cause them to break out. Allowing your skin to heal itself is important so let it be for a few more days or longer before shaving again.

# Use Hydrocortisone Cream – This product has some properties that can help alleviate the redness and swelling of your razor bumps. Apply the cream on areas that have been affected by razor bumps to treat them immediately.

# Use Ointments with Bacitracin – Just like hydrocortisone cream, this type of ointment can also help treat razor bumps quickly. It can also prevent infection from occurring.

# Use Astringents – Astringents are quite useful when it comes to alleviating the appearance of razor bumps.

These are but a few known methods on how to get rid of razor bumps that you can use to clear up the red bumps and swellings on your body. Sticking to the preventive measures mentioned here is highly recommended especially if you don’t want to be aggravated by red bumps on your face, jaw, armpits and legs. Shaving properly can do wonders not just to your skin but with your overall appearance.

Regardless of whether you are a guy or a girl, taking advantage of the tips mentioned here can help you treat razor bumps when they occur. Keeping your body clean looking all the time isn’t that hard especially when you follow the different methods here. If you don’t want to end up with many bumps and swelling on your skin due to shaving, it is imperative that you learn how to shave properly and what to do in case your skin gets irritated.

There are other methods that you can consider as home remedies. You might want to try them out to determine which one will work best for your razor bumps so you can get to clear them as soon as possible. If the bumps only worsen it would be better to stay away from shaving for a few days or longer until your skin gets the chance to heal itself properly.

With these things in mind, you can free yourself from razor bumps while at the same time maintaining that clean look you have always wanted. Using the right tools and shaving technique, you can have that smooth looking skin minus the razor bumps.

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Most sold Benjamin Air Rifles Reviewed

Benjamin Trail NP XL Air Rifle Benjamin Marauder PCP Air Rifle

Well under 1 MOA out of the box accuracy with this thing. 5 pellets in the same hole. Suggest benjamin domes or JSB diabolo match exact kings for target, and Predator P-mags for hunting. The domes aren’t as effective at taking animals.

Packs quite a punch. A bit hard to get use to the pumping this thing but once you figure out how to do it the rifle can be a lot of fun. If you want an adult air rifle you can be proud of this is it.

All weather synthetic stock
Strong barrel
Safety lever
2-stage adjustable trigger mechanism
Dovetail mounting rail
Sling mounts
Adjustable comb


No open sights
About Benjamin Marauder PCP Air Rifle, Synthetic Stock air rifle

This black Benjamin air rifle is one of the popular pre-charged pneumatic air rifle in the market. It length is around 42.8 inches and it weighs around 7.3 lbs (without scope)


Rifled steel barrel
Two stage trigger mechanism
Nitro Piston power mechanism
Picatinny Style rail for mounting scope
Traditional Hardwood stock
Comes fitted with Sling mount and swivel studs

Bit heavy
About Benjamin Trail NP XL Air Rifle
The rifle length is around 49 inches which also includes the length of the break barrel. It weighs around 8.5 lbs. The Benjamin Train NP XL is factory fitted with sling mounts and swivel studs


Sturdy and light-weight

Unlike traditional air rifles, this Benjamin air rifle features an all-weather synthetic stock that is tough and light-weight. This means you can easily carry or shoot with this air rifle all day without getting tired.

Easy loading

It is a bolt action rifle which means the rifle is equipped with a handle at the right side to push the pellet in the firing chamber after each shot. You do not have to open the breech frequently to load the pellet.

Less cocking and continuous shots

It is not a single shot air rifle. This air rifle has an 8 round rotary magazine which means you can load 8 pellets in this air rifle at a time. With this Marauder air rifle, you will be cocking less and firing more.

Strong barrel with good firing power

The barrel of this marauder air rifle is made of rifled steel. You can use .25 caliber pellets with this air rifle. The pellets achieve a velocity of 900 fps when fired from this air rifle.

Significantly silent

The barrel of this air file is internally shrouded to reduce the noise of the shot. The power source used in this air rifle is Air/Co2 which means the air rifle makes very less noise.

Two stage trigger mechanism

The two stage trigger mechanism makes every shot steady and smooth. One of the advantages of two-stage trigger is you get an additional moment to think and concentrate on the target.

Too much dependence on scope is not good

With no open sights on this air rifle, you have no option but to fit the scope for accurate shooting. The scope adds some weight which some may not like.

Good looking
The rifle has stock made of hardwood with attractive checker design. The overall look of this rifle is quite good and it also looks good when hanging around your arms or on the wall.Heavy duty performance
The Nitro piston mechanism gives the air rifle good firing power. The rifle can shoot alloy pellets at a velocity of 1100 fps while the regular pellets travel at a velocity of 950 fps.Comfortable to use
The rifle comes fitted with cheek pads on both sides which ensures left hand and right hand shooters are at comfort while using the air rifle. The rifle has integrated rail mounting system for scope that ensures easy fitting and removal of scope.Sturdy scope mount
The integral rail mounting system holds the scope perfectly and you will notice the scope stays at its place and does not come off even after strong recoil force of the air rifle.Adequate safety mechanisms
The rifle is fitted with two stage trigger system that ensures you get another chance to think before you actually fire the shot. The manual safety lever ensures the ammunition is not accidentally released when the gun is cocked.

Bit bulky
The break barrel is made of steel and the stock of the rifle is made of hardwood that adds to the weight.

Not so silent
The air rifle can sound noisy at the start and it may take a while before you actually experience the reduction in noise as the rifle firing mechanism breaks in.


This Marauder air rifle is a perfect air rifle who wants combination of power and convenience. It is ideal for predator hunting, varmint hunting and small game hunting.

If you are looking for a powerful hunting air rifle that really works well, this Benjamin air rifle may be just what you are looking for. Don’t think more.

Hunters who have been using traditional air rifle with wood stock love this Benjamin air rifle. It is ideal for Warmint hunting, small game hunting, pest control and target shooting.Looking to buy a powerful air rifle that also looks good. There is no doubt this Air Rifle is worth your money.

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21st Century democracy-Get rid of Rudimentary Politics

This post is a transcript of following Video. It explains the short coming of current politics and how can we overcome it. It is really well presented but is still hard for common man to hold attention to for long time aka boring.


So I translated it for reading which is easier to grasp for really curious minds.

The idea that there’s something rotten wrong with our democracy has become a truism especially in the wake of public outrage over MPs expenses but what really is it that’s wrong with our system of democracy and what is it that needs to be done.

My observation begins with this that democracy can only be as successful as we the people make it. But how well-suited are we to being good democrats.

We’ve come over recent years to understand more about the idiosyncrasies(particularity) of our mental processes as some of these appear to compromise our ability to make wise and fair democratic judgments.

We are for example a bit confused about the medium and the long term. If people are asked to choose between 50 pounds now 100 pounds in a year most of us will take the 50 quid.

But if we’re asked to choose between 50 pounds in five years and a hundred pounds in six years which in a way is the same choice we’ll all choose the hundred.

We tend to be risk-averse feeling more strongly about losing something we have than gaining something we don’t.

There are problems to run our objectivity. We tend systemically to think our own successes are a result of our qualities but our failures down to circumstance and we think the precise opposite of other people.

To take a trivial example 90% of us report that we are above average drivers.

And there are problems with our judgement. We’re not very good at predicting what will make us happy and even more surprisingly we’re not even very good at describing what made us happy in the past.

Now we don’t think like this because we’re bad or because we’re damaged. This is just how we have evolved.

So..short-term, innumerate(unknowledgeable) and self-centered…On the face of it we don’t look like we’re particularly suited to being good democratic citizens.

But of course this isn’t the whole story because surely democratic processes should involve overcoming the problems of applying prehistoric instinct to the complexities of the modern world.

Instead shouldn’t it mean working together to make good decisions despite
our limitations. This I think is where the core problem lies because instead of democracy being
understood and arranged as a realm in which we think past our mental predispositions(inclination) it offers to be a sphere where we can pander(give in to) to them.

The democratic process itself has taken on the language the norms and the techniques of consumerism. The customer is always right is echoed in the motto of triangulated politics.

The voter is always right. Or as we should say in our electoral system the voter in the marginal constituency is always right.

Worcester woman is always right. The problem is she isn’t.

Take these findings. Most of us think more power should be devolved to the local level and even bigger majority say that public service standards should be exactly the same everywhere.

Patient satisfaction ratings for the NHS are higher now than they have ever been in the history of the NHS.

But 56 percent of us think the health service is in crisis.

We agree that we need to change our lives to counter global warming but admit we have no plans to do so ourselves.

Now it’s hard enough I know because I used to work in Downing Street. It’s hard enough for politics to reconcile different interests and preferences in society.

But now a combination of the complexity of modern life and consumerist expectations mean that politicians face the challenge of reconciling conflicting interests and preferences in the same people.

Generally it’s a challenge that they dodge.

So if we wanted people to see democracy as inherently about dilemmas and trade-offs about balancing interests within people within society and across time what are the kinds of things we might do.

First devolve more power because it’s easier at the local level for people to relate to issues and see trade-offs and to appreciate how their own behavior shapes those trade-offs.

Second every year the government should hold at least two high-profile national citizens juries on major policy questions and with the government committed either to implementing the recommendations or explaining why not.

And Third require all policy advice to ministers to be published in full. Every policy has disadvantages and it’s about time politicians came clean about this.

Now lest you’re worried of my inconsistency I freely admit that they’re probably downsides to those three proposals.

My point is this the problem with our democracy is not as we often think about
the performance of politicians nor even the workings of our Constitution but it’s about the content of the democratic conversation.

Proper processes of democratic deliberation in which we either participate directly or which we can acknowledge as legitimate would help us to be less petulant wiser and the more responsible taskmasters or our beleaguered(under pressure) representatives.

So these are some of the practical ways we might encourage people to be better citizens. But what could new thinking about human nature mean for our broader view of society.

One of the most powerful concepts in modern sociology is that of reflexivity developed and popularized by the author of the Third Way Anthony Giddens.

Putting it simply this is the idea that modern citizens do not see themselves as mere objects of impersonal religious, national or class forces but as subjects of their own lives each with their own individual story.

Giddens talks about moving from class politics to life politics. This he contends must enable citizens to work through issues at the intersection of personal life stories and social forces in the changing context of the 21st century.

In absence of the binds of tradition and deference(Respect) Gibbons argues we must rely on new democratic discourse to work through the challenges of modernity promoting responsibilities, new forms of solidarity and trust in new social institutions.

But there’s a problem and the problem is reflexive individuals, their self-centeredness reinforced by free-market ideology and consumerist mass marketing can all too easily fail to see why they need these new forms of discourse.

Can’t they just do what they want and leave the rest to the hidden hand of the market or the hapless(unfortunate) blundering(err) of the political classes.

So I believe both the case for a new collective spirit and the principles that could underpin(support) the development of modern civic and democratic spaces are to be found in thinking about human nature.

Cooperation and engagement are not things we ought to do but a necessity to help us steer a course through the modern world using brains that evolved before the invention of the wheel.

We became the social animals we are subsisting(surviving) enclosed homogeneous communities with deeply respected and very slowly evolving bodies of knowledge and culture our first 200,000 years.

We find ourselves now, the last 50 years living as part of an economically abundant diverse communities in a fast changing global knowledge economy.

This moment in human affairs has been characterized as the teenage years of the post enlightenment project. A period of change in creativity but also self-indulgence, confusion and some danger.

As a schoolboy socialists in the 1970s direct grant Grammar School the first explicitly political arguments I ever had were about human nature.

My vision of the good society arrested on a view that people are fundamentally collaborative and benign(kind). Something only hidden by the depredations of what I called the system. Working-class Tory(member or supporter of conservative party in UK) mates mocked my naivety.

To them we were all self-interested individuals. Those who succeeded did so by their own efforts those who failed or cheated would only change if they were incentivized or compelled.

Yet for most of the 20 years subsequently that I’ve been involved in politics, debates about human nature have been restricted to criminality and other social pathologies as if only bad people fail to conform to the rational man model of neoclassical economics.

Gibbons was right. New times do require a rethinking of old political categories, new thinking about human nature, combining insights from natural science, social science and philosophy encouraged us to revisit and recombine ideas from the left and the right.

The left is right that society matters but the right is right to believe that growing self-reliance and thickening civic binds provides a more powerful even for slower and Messier route to social progress than the well-intentioned schemes of state bureaucracies.

A new politics of human nature encourages us to accept the flaws in our intuitive sense of self, recognizing our psychological frailties and acknowledging the social nature of the brain.

It requires us to see that the existential mirror of modernity is distorting. I have in the past described the contrasts found in an opinion poll after opinion poll between our undue personal optimism and our equally undue social pessimism.

But the individual and personal is not quite the domain of self-control we imagined it to be and if we are creative and ambitious we can exert more influence over the social sphere than we’ve tended to think possible.

It may not be an easy route to the fulfillment of our amazing human potential but is there really any other. And it’s a route that I hope through its lectures, through its research projects and through the actions of our amazing fellows the RSA will help to chart in the years ahead.

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Best Mountain Bikes Under $1000 Reviews

Finding the perfect road bike is not easy as these are rarely stocked in local bike shops. Instead, you’ll find mountain-style bicycle

The quality on offer matches every dime you spend on the road bike. to an unrivaled monster that can overcome any uneven path put in its way. Though most superior quality mountain bikes are very expensive, there are quite a few options for you to take advantage of when you are on a budget.

That is why below, we are going to look at the best mountain bikes under $1000.

Several mountain bikes under $1000 that will offer an amazing riding experience. The bikes listed below offer superior performance, top notch components, excellent craftsmanship, and wide-ranging abilities.

Giordano Libero 1.6 Road Bike

Finding the perfect road bike is not easy as these are rarely stocked in local bike shops. Instead, you’ll find mountain-style bicycles (with 24″ wheels) which are heavy and only suited for light trails.

If you are looking for the best road bikes for a youngster (8 – 13 years) then the Giordano Libero 1.6 Bike will do for you.

Light-weight, sturdy and reliable

The Giordano Libero features quick-release, light, high quality rims and brake-lever shifters which integrate the bike’s shifting and brakes in one control making it easy to use for any youngster. It’s easy to ride on steep roads considering the 165 mm crankset, 42/52 front chain-ring and 11 – 30 tooth free-wheel.

Value for money

The quality on offer matches every dime you spend on the road bike. It’s 6061 aluminum frame (has replaceable derailleur hanger), high tensile steel fork, Unoalloy stem, 24″ alloy rims and handlebar will handle all the jilts and tilts of the road for a long time. There is even a water-bottle mount to keep the rider hydrated and fits riders of between 4’7″ and 5 feet.

Mongoose Status 3.0 Dual Suspension Mountain Bike

If you’re looking for a mountain bike that lives up to its name, look no further. The Mongoose Status 3.0 mountain bike is undoubtedly one of the best mountain bikes in the market today for rough and tumble dirt-racing.

The bike’s one piece cast aluminum mogomag wheel is capable of handling the roughest terrain imaginable. The bike also has a one of a kind dual suspension and SR suspension fork that smoothens bumps and increases control.

Besides having unmatched strength and stability, the Mongoose Status 3.0 is also superfast thanks to its 24 speed shimano trigger shifters which allow you to accelerate extremely fast.

The control features of the bike are also impressive. Speed is nothing without control which is why the bike has superior front and rear disc brakes. When you hit the brakes, you are assured of maximum stopping power regardless of your speed, riding terrain or elevation.

The bike’s look is also superior to most mountain bikes in the market today. The Mongoose Status 3.0 has a very vicious and aggressive look. Definitely one of the best mountain bikes in the market today.

Road Bikes by Vilano

If what you have been looking for is the best road bikes in the market, then the Vilano Shadow road bike may be just the right choice for you.

In fact, it is perfect for those who search for an entry-level bike that they can use for their daily commute or as a part of their fitness regimen.

The bike can ensure you of the smoothest ride, which adds to your comfort and convenience each time you pedal and get to your destination.

This bike by Vilano features the Shimano STI shifters that provide you precision control each time you shift or brake, which makes it suitable for riding on the road.

Moreover, this road bike is lightweight, and it is made of 6061 aluminum frame for optimum durability and comfort as you ride. What’s more, it comes with free pedals, Shimano 7-speed tires, and integrated headset, among other features that make this road bike value for your money.

So, rely only on the best road bikes and go for the Vilano Shadow road bike that lets you go the distance with total precision all the time.

Diamondback Bicycle

The toughest road bikes in the market today can’t match up to the Haanjo alternative road bike thanks to many things.

This latest release by Diamondback Bicycles is unmatched in all aspects from frame type/strength to extras. According to many customer reviews online, Diamondback Bicycles simply took the features of the best bicycles in the market today, put them all together and made the Haanjo alternative.

First and foremost the Haanjo road bike has a superior 6061-T6 aluminum frame that is extremely strong, durable but light weight.

Unlike most road bikes in the market today, the Haanjo road bike weighs 30 pounds only. The bike also features a slightly flattened top frame tube that makes it extremely easy to shoulder and carry the bike up stairs.

The Haanjo also features superior disc-brakes that give the bike superior stopping power. The bike’s handling is also superb thanks to its wildness which translates to superior lateral stiffness. The Haanjo is also a truly versatile bike that is perfect for errands, commuting as well as off-road explorations.

When you consider many other superior features of the bike i.e. extras like the chainstay protector and the fact that the bike costs less than $1,000 (which is the price tag for most high-end road bikes), it’s easy to see why the Haanjo alternative road bike is the best bicycle of its kind in the market today

Bicycle by Schwinn

Only the best bicycle gives you excellent value for your money, so be sure to make the right choice before you spend that precious dollar. The Schwinn Phocus 1600 for men is a top-rated road bike that lets you have the finest ride mile after mile.

No matter what type of the road’s surface, this bike offers you a great commute or a fantastic workout. It is lightweight, well-constructed and responsive, which makes this a reliable bike for beginners or professionals.

This bicycle by Schwinn allows you to shift gears effortlessly with its integrated bike lever and 14-speed rear derailleur. You can also adjust the saddle efficiently, thanks to its quick release feature. Most importantly, your safety is guaranteed with the heavy-duty alloy caliper brakes.

This prevents accidents, so you can ride with confidence all the time. With all these outstanding features of the Schwinn Phocus 1600, pedaling is effortless and riding this best bicycle is pure bliss!

Final Words

You can easily assemble this road bike at home as it comes with clear step by step instructions. This road bike may not be great for competitive road biking but awesome for regular users looking to use it for workout.

Buying a mountain bike is an investment which should not be taken lightly. Spend time reading reviews and talking to an expert, so that you do not regret your final decision!

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Best washing machine in India

Life is not the same without a good washing machine! Gone are the days of hand washing laundry and squeezing heavy wet clothes.

It is quite fortunate that in India, we have a wide range of washing machine brands from top manufacturers to suit our needs and budget.

Here is detail of some of the best washing machine in India with important appliance information and reviews.

Best Washing Machine Brands in India

LG washing machine

Korean electronics company LG has been one of the best washing machine brands preferred by the Indian homemaker, having been present in the industry for quite some time.

Being one of the leading companies to supply and manufacture in India, LG washing machines have evolved to fit the local needs and are available at a broad price range from very affordable to high-end.

LG washing machines have 5 variants – the Front Loading, the Twin Loading, Top Loading, Semi-Automatic, and Washer-Dryer units.

Samsung washing machine

Korean electronics bigwig Samsung has complemented its range of electronics and home appliances with the entry of the Samsung washing machine.

Having a reputation for high-quality products and good after service, Samsung washing machines are constantly innovated to provide for the specific automatic laundry requirements of the Indian market.

With washing machines in the mid-to-high price ranges, Samsung has unique features that you as a buyer have to determine if useful for your needs as the price is affected by the number of distinct features offered in a model of the washing machine.

Bosch washing machine

Having been in the Indian market in 1922 with factory doors manufacturing since 1951, Bosch is one of the reliable companies that provide the home appliance market with washing machines in India.

Bosch has also provided a complete range of washing machines that you can choose from. With the German engineering technology base, Bosch washing machines have a model that meets all laundry needs from the most minimal to big number households, with features that are distinctly Bosch like Variodrum,

LED display and foam detection system, unbalanced load detection and multiple water protection.

IFB washing machine

IFB is a pioneer manufacturer of washing machines which is based in India. They have a range of machines that are of high quality and have been tested for durability in the Indian market.

They are considered to have one of the best washing machine in India. Their edge in the washing machine market would be their front-loading washing machines which have consistently garnered good reviews while the rest of the models did fairly well.

Although there have been problems raised in product servicing and after-care, IFB makes up with affordable price points that lie just at the midpoint.

Whirlpool washing machine

Whirlpool, the largest American manufacturer of home appliances, has brought into homes in India its technology for washing machines.

Considered one of the pioneers and innovators of washing machine technology, Whirlpool has gained the trust of the Indian market. Their washing machine models are packed with features and can be set to fit each household’s washing needs.

Touted as “the quietest premium washing machine around” Whirlpool has continued to introduce improvements and innovations to better the Whirlpool washing machine experience.

Every family has different laundry needs. In an effort to assist your decision here are top 5 picks for each category with comprehensive reviews and guides.

Best Top Load Washing Machine

  • IFB TL- RDSS 6.5 KG Aqua – Best Top Load Fully Automatic Washing Machine

Designed by top Indian manufacture IFB, this model boasts of the Aqua Energie technology that is adapted to our local hard water, providing better quality washes. It is also adapted to cope with low water pressure, working with levels as low as 0.3 water pressure bars.

Specifically made for the Indian home, IFB washing machines have always been giving stiff competition to international brands that have come in the market and is one of the best washing machines under 20000.

The IFB TL- RDSS 6.5 KG Aqua also has the auto imbalance system which makes sure your machine remains stable even if the load is incorrectly fed.

The smart sensor detects the water level and adjusts it for optimum use. The built-in low voltage stabilizer protects your washing machine and enables it to work even when electricity fluctuates.

Plus, it has a memory back-up so machine restarts on the step where it stops during a power cut. It is also detergent-based and has 6 wash options for different kinds of fabric.

Its key features are:

  • Capacity is 6.5 kg
  • Maximum Connected Load of 360 Watts
  • Water Pressure – 0.3 to 8 bar
  • LED display for ease of use
  • Coldwater inlet
  • 4 years comprehensive warranty and 10 years spare parts support
Pro’s Con’s
Adapted to our local conditions: Works with hard water and low pressure Voltage protector and memory back-up No hot water wash option available
Detergent based Higher water consumption as it is a top-loader
Affordability and Ease of Use Clothes will need longer drying time as the machine has lower RPM’s
  • Samsung 6.2 Kg Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine WA62M4100HY/TL

This model from the Korean manufacturer Samsung is considered to be one of the top-selling items in their line. This washing machine comes installed with the newer features of Samsung washing machines such as Eco-tub clean technology.

This means the washing machine can clean its drum, keeping it smelling fresh without having to use chemicals. It also has the center jet pulsator that helps clean clothes better together with a strong internal water shower.

With a spin speed of 700 RPM, it dries your laundry better. The magic filter removes small particles like lint and dust from the fabric and protects the pipe from blockage.

It also has the Diamond Drum feature which the uniquely Samsung design which features the diamond-shaped grooves inside the drum. This has been proven to be gentle on clothes and causes minimal fabric damage. To facilitate operation, it has a red digital display.

All in all, this washing machine is a sleek appliance that consumes 380 watts and weighs approximately 31 kilograms.

Its key features are:

  • Capacity is 6.2 kilograms
  • 5 water levels with center jet pulsator
  • 6 different water cycle programs
  • Color: PM grey with red LED display
  • Stainless steel wash drum
  • 2-year comprehensive warranty on the product
  • 4-year warranty on motor
Pro’s Con’s
Powerful motor rotation which gives a quality wash and dries clothes well Uses a lot of water in the washing cycle
Stylish with a silent motor and minimal vibrations Smaller drain tube
Auto-restart feature No water heater
Child lock and tempered glass Installation and service problems

*Note: It is better if you can request a demo upon installation to ensure you know how to operate it properly

  • Whirlpool Whitemagic Premier 6.5 kg Top Load Fully Automatic Washing Machine

American manufacturer Whirlpool has, over years of experience in the local market, adjusted their washing machines to fit the requirements of the Indian household as well.

The Whirlpool Whitemagic Premier 6.5 kg is adapted to local conditions and can deliver quality washes with hard water and low water pressures of up to 0.17 Bar.

The built-in spa wash system is designed to reduce tangling as Whirlpool still uses agitators instead of the more widely installed pulsators. The reason that agitators make for a more powerful scrub and clean.

The spa wash system balances the use of the agitator by providing an anti-wrinkle component and lint-free washes. A sensor system is also in place to adjust water and detergent levels.

To keep the drum clean, it has an installed smart lint filter. To protect the motor from electricity fluctuations, it also has a voltage sensor.

This model is a good buy for a top-load washing machine for lesser budgets making it the best fully automatic washing machine – good features for a great price.

Its key features are:

  • The capacity is 6.4 kilograms.
  • 12 Wash Programs Types
  • Agipeller 3D Scrub pads
  • RPM of 740, higher spin speed for faster drying time
  • Power Scrub Technology
  • Hard Water wash Feature
  • Unique 1-2-3 panel for easy operation
  • Unique Spa drum design, gentle on clothes
  • Warranty – 2 years on products and 10 years on the motor
Pro’s Con’s
Adapted for hard water wash and low water pressure It still uses agitators which are prone to tangling even if it is compensated with the spa water system
Spa wash system that offers wrinkle-free and lint-free washes No inbuilt heater available
More budget-friendly and easy to operate Noisy when the drum is full of laundry and during water draining
  • Bosch 6.5Kg Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (WOE654W0IN)

This model is manufactured by the German company Bosch that provides good quality washes with a variety of 8 wash programs to choose from. It spins at 680 RPM and is recommended for a small family of 3-4 people.

It boasts of a soft-closing lid that protects the user from hand injuries. It is also designed to cope with power cuts with the shutdown memory that allows the washing machine to resume where it was in the washing cycle when the power stopped.

In this washing machine, you can choose to use detergent to liquid laundry solutions with the dual dispenser feature. Aside from this, Bosch installed tempered glass to withstand heavy loads and is equipped with many extra features.

The Power Wave Wash makes for excellent quality washes. It is equipped with a Magic Filter that lifts dust and small particles from the fabric.

It also has a child lock safety feature together with an Automatic Tub-Stop Lid. It is easy to use with its One-touch Start Option.

Overall, this model is an affordable washing option for a high-quality top loading washing machine and can be considered another one of the best washing machine under 20000.

Its key features are:

  • Capacity is 6.5 kilograms, speed 680 RPM
  • 8 water level wash types
  • 8 distinct wash programs
  • Safety includes child-proof lock and Automatic Tub-stop Lid
  • Dual Dispenser, One Touch Operations
  • Their warranty is 2 years on the product, 10 years on the motor.
Pro’s Con’s
Magic Filter No options for the door lock
Dual Dispenser System No inbuilt heater although with an option for hot and cold-water intake
Childproof lock available Slightly lower RPM at 680
Easy to use
  • LG 6.5 Kg Inverter Fully Automatic Top-Loading Washing Machine-T7581NDDLG.ASFPEIL

The famous Korean manufacturer LG introduced this model with the inverter technology installed for lesser power consumption.

This model’s body is made of attractive stainless steel in a sleek and modern design. It boasts of a smart hydraulic door that closes gently, minimizing hand injuries, however, this door closes shut once the washing cycle starts so you cannot add clothes into the wash mid-cycle.

It is easy to use with an LED display. The machine has is quiet during the washing and draining functions. It also has a unique LG feature that distributes your liquid or powder detergent in different areas in the tub so the clothes are evenly soaped.

Using the 4 wash programs, the user can adjust the wash quality to fit the type of clothes that you are washing at the moment.It also comes with a self-cleaning tub feature that keeps the tub clean from lime residue.

The slightly higher price comes with the installation of the inverter technology which in the long run will mean more power savings for the household.

Its key features are:

  • Its Capacity is 6.5 kilograms.
  • Inverter technology installed.
  • Special features include the 3-Smart Motion system and Smart Filter
  • Soft Closing door mechanism and Turbodrum
  • Spin Speed is 700 RPM
  • The warranty covers 2 years on the product and 10 years on the motor.
Pro’s Con’s
Quick Wash cycle available (15-30 mins) No hot water inlet
Inverter technology, less power consumption No option to add clothes mid-cycle
Sensors and Air dryer Wash is not a good as heavy stains and dirt are not removed completely
One-Touch Automatic Start
Fitted with a plastic rat guard

Best Front Load Washing Machine

  • IFB 8 kg Senator Aqua Sx Front load washing machine

The Senator Aqua SX Front Load is another high-quality product of Indian manufacturer IFB. It boasts of a spin speed of 1400 RPM which results to amazing drying time.

This is very helpful during the rainy season when all of us struggle to get the laundry dry. Aside from this feature, it has more than 100 available wash cycle combinations meaning it has a function for many fabric types and you can choose was types will suit you.

The IFB Air Bubble Wash System is installed in this model allowing high wash quality for heavier clothing. This is possible because of the multi-bubbles which make your detergent penetrate the fabric to make any dirt loosen quickly.

If programmed for gentler wash cycles, this system adapts and takes care of delicate items. This model also has a larger LCD screen for your convenience.

The 3D Wash System in the IFB washing machines also gives your clothes the best rinse possible with 360-degree circular motions through a special nozzle.

And of course, it also has Aqua Energie which softens the hard water here in India to make for better quality washes. With all the features plus the price, the Senator Aqua SX is the best front load washing machine.

This washing machine is recommended for families with 5 or more members.

Its key features are:

  • The capacity is 8 kilograms.
  • High spin speed at 1400 RPM.
  • Convenient door opening angle of 180° and door diameter of 320mm
  • Multiple Wash Care Programs are available.
  • The warranty on the product is both 4 years for the product and the motor.
Pro’s Con’s
Very efficient in drying at 1400 RPM Customer service needs to be improved
Over 100 wash program combinations Price point is for higher budgets as it is more expensive
Adapted to Hard Water – Aqua Energie
High Power Wash – 3D Wash System
Addition of laundry mid-cycle
  • Bosch 7Kg Fully Automatic Front-Loading Washing Machine – WAK24168IN

This automatic front-loading washing machine from Bosch comes fully loaded with many useful features. It has ab EcoPerfect system installed that reduces electricity consumption and SpeedPerfect to lessen washing times.

Water adjusts automatically by sensing laundry weight while machine stability during the washing cycle is ensured by its anti-vibrational design.

Bosch takes this model up to another level by giving it an AllergyPlus program that reduces the presence of allergens in your laundry loads like dust, pollen, and dust mites. This is done with only a touch of a button.

It also can work under low water pressure and is created to be low in noise. Aside from the multiple wash programs available, it also allows you to add or remove items mid-cycle. It has a safety function that prevents kids from tampering with the setting via the Child Lock feature.

This unit is recommended for families with 3 to 4 members. Its key features are:

  • Capacity is 7 kilograms.
  • Spin speed is at 1200 RPM.
  • LED Display
  • Foam Detection System
  • Unbalanced load detection system
  • Multiple water protection
  • Variodrum
  • Warranty for the product is 2 years and for the motor – 10 years.
Pro’s Con’s
Low noise level and fast drying time Higher vibrations on 1200 RPM
Very efficient in washing heavy loads Quality customer support available only in metro towns
Child Lock Safety System Tendency for the machine to get heated
Sensor System for water Not using inverter technology
Power savings through EcoPerfect program Heavy
  • LG FH0H3NDNL02 6 Kg Front Load Washing Machine

This washing machine from Korean manufacturer LG is a high-quality and sturdy model with uncomplicated features. With many available wash programs to choose from, you can virtually wash any type of fabric.

It is equipped with options to decrease the number of creases and a medic rinse option. It is quite flexible as you can adjust the speed and temperature of each wash program yourself.

The washing process is aided by fuzzy logic in determining how long the washing time will take. Furthermore, the time-delay option of up to 24-hours allows the washing machine to resume where it left off in case of a power cut.

This model runs on LG inverter technology which saves on power consumption. RPMs are also adjustable up to 1200 while there are also choices for water temperature which you can control separately.

This is a washing machine suitable for couples or families with 3 to 4 members who have smaller wash loads.

Its key features are:

  • The capacity is 6 kilograms.
  • Spin speed is 1000 RPM
  • Includes a touch panel
  • 1000 RPM option
  • 6 Motion DD and Smart Diagnosis
  • Comprehensive product warranty is 2 years.
Pro’s Con’s
Many wash programs to choose from The outlet pipe is small which makes draining take long
Less noise and vibration Rat mesh is weak
Warranty period is lower
  • Samsung 6.5 (WW65M206L0W/TL) kg Front Load Washing Machine

This model from Samsung is equipped with inverter technology giving its users great savings in terms of power consumption.

It is also a highly efficient washing machine that can manage different types of fabrics with less noise and vibration.

The Diamond Drum is gentle on the delicate types of cloth plus it has an inbuilt heater for hot washes and heavy loads.

This model also has Silver Wash which rids your laundry of bacteria and germs for that total clean feeling. The quick-was feature is also available where one can wash in as little as 15 minutes.

With a mid-range price, this affordable front-loading washing machine comes with a voltage fluctuation protector as well as technology to resume the washing cycle where it stopped in case of power cuts.

It is suitable for families with 3 to 4 members.

Pro’s Con’s
Inverter technology saves power No hard water filter
Low Noise and Vibration Lower RPM
No system to handle lower water pressure
  • IFB 6Kg Fully Automatic Front-Loading Washing Machine – Diva Aqua SX

Indian manufacturer IFB has come up with a good quality entry-level unit in front-loaders that comes with a reasonable price.

While it is really basic in functions, it still has the edge of having great features that will aid in better washing.

The Aqua Diva SX may only have a maximum of 800 RPM but it has 15 wash programs that you can choose from. As with IFB washing machines, this model also has Aqua Energie which makes it water and power efficient.

Aside from these, this model also sports their specialized drum that have groves designed to be gentle to fabrics. Its 2D Wash Cycle allows for a thorough wash and rinse cycles of your laundry.

With the Ball Valve Technology, this unit helps you save on detergent and maximizes the effectivity of the wash with no waste.

This washing machine is suitable for couples or bachelors.

Pro’s Con’s
Hard water adapted Limited temperature control
Low water pressure capacity No adjustment controls for spin speed
Affordable price No separate conditioner dispenser
Low noise and vibration

Best Semi-Automatic Washing Machine

  • Samsung 7.2 kg Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (WT725QPNDMP)

This semi-automatic washing machine is built for couples or small families with lighter laundry load requirements.

With a 7.2-kilogram capacity, it comes with good features.

It has a quiet motor with a speed of 740 RPM. With a power consumption of only 350 watts, it does not add too much to your electricity bill.

As in all Samsung products, it comes with the double-jet system for fewer creases and tangles.

This unit has double tubs meaning you have to manually transfer you washing load to spin dry.

It also has the air turbo drying system which will make your load dry up to 70%.



Its key features are:

  • Capacity is 7.2 kilograms
  • Speed is up to 1000 RPM
  • Wash Program: Normal, Intensive, Delicate
  • Dual Jet System
  • Child-Lock Safety Feature
  • Buzzer alert for the completed wash cycle
  • The warranty is 2 years on the product, 5 years on the motor with a rust-proof plastic body
Pro’s Con’s
Rust Free Manual transfer needed
Lint Free wash No inbuilt heater
Sturdy plastic body Inverter technology not installed
Air turbo drying system Capacity is only for smaller wash loads/smaller households
EZ wash tray
  • LG P9037R3SM 8 kg – Best Semi-Automatic Washing Machine

This semi-automatic washing machine from Korean manufacturer LG is an affordable alternative for small families or couples.

It is equipped with a quiet motor and low power consumption at 360 Watts.

Being a top-loading machine, it is convenient and runs at a speed of up to 1000 RPM.

This model has the Roller Jet Pulsator which means fewer creases and tangles in your washing. The tub is made of durable plastic.

This is a simple semi-automatic washing machine that does the job and can be considered the best semi-automatic washing machine.

Its key features are:

  • Capacity is 8.0 kilograms.
  • Durable plastic body
  • Transparent top
  • Magic Wheels
  • Rat-away Technology
  • The warranty on this unit is 2 years on the product.
Pro’s Con’s
Low power consumption No inbuilt water heater
Uses pulsator technology – fewer tangles No digital or LED display
Good washing speed for a semi-automatic Manual controls
Affordable price
Ready to use and can be installed by yourself
  • Intex 6.2 kg Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (WMS62TL, White and Maroon)

This semi-automatic, top-loading machine from Intex is a basic unit suitable for a bachelor pad or a small family.

This model comes with a built-in top spinner and a smart water selection mode.

You can preset water levels according to the size of your laundry load.

It also has an impeller design which facilitates the flow of water for a better wash.

It has a high-powered motor that runs at 1320 RPM and has a water inlet selector and PP pulsator.

This would be a practical choice for a semi-automatic – entry-level, simple to use and budget-friendly while getting your wash done.


Its key features are:

  • Capacity is 6.2 kilograms
  • 2 wash programs
  • 55 ° C water temperature available
  • 89% spin efficiency
  • ABS control panel
  • PP cabinet and PP pulsator
  • Water inlet selector
  • Transparent Lid
  • Warranty is 2 years on the product
Pro’s Con’s
Less vibrations Plastic is prone to lime, mold and mildew
High powered motor No child lock safety feature
Easy to use
  • LG 6.5 kg P7550R3FA semi-automatic Top Load Washing Machine

This semi-automatic top-loading washing machine from LG is a good basic appliance suitable for medium wash loads for families of 3 to 4.

At its affordable price, it can be considered one of the best washing machine under 15000.

The roller jet pulsator of this model gives your laundry a high-quality wash.

It has 3 different program levels and can be easily adjusted to suit the type of washing your load needs.

Its built-in lint collector ensures that your fabrics come out neat and clean.

The rat-away technology ensures that your unit is safe from damaged caused by the rodents.

It also comes with an air dryer which cuts your drying time by 30-40% plus a collar scrubber that saves you the effort of having to manually wash them.

Its key features are:

  • Capacity is 6.5 kilograms.
  • Spin speed is up to 1300 RPM
  • 3 Wash Programs – Gentle, Normal, Strong
  • Special lint remover
  • System that washes collars clean
  • Protective Design to keep Rats Away
  • A comprehensive warranty on the product is valid for 2 years.
Pro’s Con’s
Space-saving design High Noise level when air drying
Durable plastic body The drainpipe is too short
Powerful motor
Low wash cycle noise and low vibration
Low power consumption
  • Whirlpool 7Kg Superb Atom 70S Semi-automatic Top Load Washing Machine

American company Whirlpool gives us a high-quality semi-automatic top-load washing machine that can be considered one of the best washing machines under 15000.

It is packed with features for a basic washing machine.

Let’s start with the tub- it has a large 66-lier capacity that enables clothes to tumble freely, making for a high-quality wash.

It can take heavier loads as well such as blankets and sheets because of this feature.

It has a special designed 340-watt motor that is aimed to have efficient power use so your power bill does not become huge.

The Super Soak functions allow the machine to rid your clothes of deep stains and hard dirt.

The built-in lint collector filters all the unwanted particles so washed fabrics come out thoroughly clean.

This is an ideal option for a family of 3 to 4 members with a medium-sized wash load requirement.

Its key features are:

  • Capacity is 7 kilograms.
  • Spin speed is up to 1450 RPM
  • 3 Wash Programs
  • Inbuilt Memory Auto-Restart
  • Smart Scrub Station
  • 66-liter large washtub
  • 340 Watts high-efficiency motor
Pro’s Con’s
Big washtub (66 liters) No digital display
Multi-utility tray and rust-proof body Not easy to move
Super soak function Does not use inverter technology
Low wash cycle noise and vibration
Low power consumption
Waterproof panel

Buying Guide

Whatever the make and model you eventually decide as your best washing machine choice, you will need to determine these universal considerations and useful information first so you can choose the best washing machine to fit your needs and budget.

Choose the right size and capacity

Always remember that a washing machine’s capacity is indicated in kilograms and refers to dry clothes, not wet clothes. With this in mind, consider your household’s laundry requirements namely:

  • How big is your household?
  • How much will one laundry load be?
  • How often are clothes washed for a week?

For example, in my personal experience, a mid-capacity washing machine of 7kg to 9kg is great for a family of 4.

For a family of two, the basic washing machine capacity of 5kg to 6kg is suitable, taking a sample load of two tops, two pairs of pants, two towels, a full bedsheet with two pillowcases.

However, if a family washes less often, they might decide on larger capacity washing machines for bigger laundry loads. Consider the physical space for your washing machine.

Remember that larger capacity will mean larger size. If your laundry area falls short on the space requirement, a larger capacity washing machine might be for you. You wash more often, instead.

Always measure your space to check if you have enough room for your choice of washing machine before making a purchase.

Also, note that higher capacity washing machines consume more water and electricity.

Fully Automatic Machines or Semi-Automatic Washing Machines?

Semi-automatic washing machines

These are the most basic washing machines available in the market. They consist of two drums – one for washing and another for drying. This entails doing laundry tasks manually.

This includes filling the washing tub with water then draining it, moving the clothes from the washing tub to the drying tub, adjusting some of the controls for every step in the laundry cycle and the like.

They are however cheaper and allow you to add more clothes or remove articles mid-cycle. They also consume less electricity plus you can control how much water is poured into the drums.

Fully-automatic washing machines

A fully-automatic washing machine needs the least amount of effort and allows little human involvement in washing.

You load your laundry from either the top or the front parts of the washing machine – depending on what type of machine you purchased.

After closing the washing machine doors, you just need to set the type of wash you require and it does the entire cycle all by itself – no need for pouring or draining water and lifting wet clothes from one tub to another.

With this, you can be free to do other things. Fully automatic washing machines are also more expensive, consume more power and need more water.

Top Load Machines or Front Load Washing Machines?

Top-load washing machines

If you prefer not to bend down when putting clothes into the washing machine, a top-loading washing machine may be the unit for you. Water is pumped into the machine from a single continuous water connection.

There is only a single tub and this functions both for washing and drying. Because they have fewer features, top-load washing machines cost lesser than front-load washing machines.

Front-load washing machines

In a front-load washing machine, you need to bend over to wash your laundry items are loaded and unloaded from the face of the machine.

They offer more features than a top-load model and are therefore more expensive. Because they are heavier, they are also difficult to move around.

Most models do not allow you to add or remove laundry mid-cycle, though there are several that allow you to do this. However, front-load washing machines offer the best quality washes, consuming less water and electricity with the same single tub for washing and drying.

Inverter Technology in Washing Machines

Inverter technology allows for more efficient use of power in a washing machine.

How does this differ from the conventional washing machine?

Most washing machines run on a certain power and function level called the optimum load. This optimum load does not change whether you are washing many items or only a few clothes, making the power consumption and wear and tear of the washing machine at the same level for any wash load.

In inverter technology, the washing machine is equipped with sensors to adjust speed and power to suit the amount of laundry put inside.

This intelligent washing machine produces less noise and is more efficient in saving power plus it preserves the lifespan of your washing machine and its parts.


Question Answer
Which is more efficient – a top-loading washing machine or a front-loading unit? Although a top-loading machine is less expensive and more convenient to load, in the end, the front-loading washing machine is more efficient.

The cost difference can be recovered over time through savings in water and power consumption with maximised soap usage and lesser time spent attending to the laundry.

How many clothes can I out into a washing machine for maximum wash and least tangling? For top-loaders, the general rule is to place laundry loosely in the tub up to the top of the agitator.

For front-loaders, you can fill the drum until full with minimal compression of clothes. Always allow for space to tumble without overloading.

Is it better to buy a washing machine with a bigger size and capacity? Cleaning performance and value for money is not determined by the washing machine size and capacity.

Get bigger units only if you have bigger wash loads. Fewer but larger washes are better than frequent yet smaller laundry. This results in water and power savings.

What type of drum should I get? Plastic or Stainless? Generally, stainless steel drums are more durable and easier to clean than plastic ones, withstanding higher spins better.

It results in better drying. However, modern heavy-duty polymer plastic ones are also durable and more inexpensive.

It is also normal for plastic tubs to discolor and accumulate smell faster than the stainless tubs.

What are the basic features to look out for in a good washing machine? These are the basic features that your new washing machine must have:

  • Easy-to-operate, legible and conveniently-placed controls
  • A rust-proof tub
  • Adjustable/flexible water levels
  • Stability and minimal space requirements
  • Easy access to installation and repair services
Is having a dryer a must? A washing machine with an inbuilt dryer might be for you if you have no time to hang laundry to dry or if you have space limitations at home.

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How To Properly Socialize Your Hunting Dog Pup

Training a good hunting dog begins long before the pup is introduced to guns or taken into the field.


No matter what training program you decide to use is based on proper socialization of your dog.

Socialization is, quite simply, introducing your dog to new people, experiences and places.

This early introduction allows him to be comfortable in unfamiliar situations and develop the confidence and desire to learn new things.

Though many inexperienced owners don’t see the necessity of socializing their dogs, those who know better realize training a dog that is not properly socialized is like trying to build a house without taking the time to lay a proper foundation.

Socialization of your new hunter begins the day he arrives at your home. Taken from mother and his litter mates, the puppy will feel lost and lonely. He will also, however, want to explore his new home.

If you have puppy-proofed the house, there is no reason you shouldn’t let him take a look around. Supervise, but from a distance.

Give the pup plenty of time and space to check things out. He will eventually make his way back to you.

Give him lots of affection; calm rubs on the head, stroking his back and sides and even giving his tail a very gentle tug are all things that will be of benefit later. Lift the puppy’s cheeks and ruffle his ears.

Besides the attention, the pup is also learning that it is ok to be touched. This will make future visits to the vet’s office or groomer a lot easier on everyone concerned.

Be sure that your touch is gentle and calm. This allows the pup to know that you are in charge. Rough-housing with the pup puts you on his level and gives him the mistaken impression that he is your equal.

Begin using your pup’s name right away and you will be amazed at how quickly he will begin to respond to it.

When in the house or yard, give your pup as much freedom as you can. Supervise, but again, from a distance.

You want to pup to explore and experience as many new things as he can, without danger to him or your things.

Call him to you once in awhile and when he comes to you, tell him he’s a good boy and give him a small treat (freeze-dried liver or a tiny scrap of jerky is a favorite around our house). Then give the freedom to go explore some more.

If the pup will be staying in the house, set ground rules with family members prior to bringing him home.

Consistency from everyone in the house is the only way the dog will learn to follow the rules in his new home. When his behavior is incorrect, a firm “no” accompanied by a frown will soon let him know you are displeased.

In the event the behavior is repeated, grasp the loose skin between his shoulders and give him a gentle shake. The trick here is to let the pup know you are not happy with his behavior, but not to hurt him or make him afraid of you.

NEVER clap your hands or use other sharp noises (slapping a newspaper, etc) to discipline a dog that will be trained for hunting.

Though it may help you correct the undesirable behavior, you are setting yourself up to have a dog that will shy away from loud, sharp noises. Since you want the dog comfortable with the sound of gunfire, this is a training mistake you want to avoid.

The new puppy should have a space of his own, whether it is a kennel in the barn or a crate inside the house.

Use common sense when training your new puppy to the crate. Most hunting dogs are transported to the hunting site in a crate – be sure that the crate is not something he dreads.

The crate should be used as a sleeping place and many people feed their dogs in a crate, at least when they’re puppies.

By feeding the puppy in the crate, he learns to associate it with a good thing – his dinner. Some people leave the crate door open, except when it is bedtime or if they are going to be gone from the house.

This allows the puppy to wander in and out and become comfortable with the crate without feeling confined by it. If the crate is properly introduced, many dogs will voluntarily lay down for a nap in their crate or retreat to it if they are in trouble.

One last note on crates: if the puppy whines during the night, do not let him out of the crate.

If he is allowed to leave the crate when he whines, he will think that whining will get him what he wants and you will end up with the dog that drives you crazy.

Instead, distract him by putting a pig ear or a chew toy in the crate with him when you close the door at bedtime. He will soon learn that when you close the crate door he needs to chew on his toy or curl up and sleep.

Any dog, but especially one that will be used to hunt, needs to be able to adapt to new and even frightening situations.

Without this ability, the dog become unpredictable or even dangerous. One way to avoid this is to expose the young puppy to as many different places, smells, people and noises as possible.

One thing that must be avoided in these early socialization experiences is allowing the puppy to become terrified of whatever new thing you are exposing him to.

If you have spent enough time with the puppy at home, this should not be a problem. After taking him away from his mother, you should have taken over the role as his care-giver and protector.

He should be feeling comfortable with you and trusting you to take care of him and act in his best interests.

Now that you’ve gotten to the point that the puppy trusts you and you’ve spent enough time to be able to “read” him and gauge his level of comfort, it’s time to expose the pup to as many strange sights, noises, smells and people as possible.

Take them with you when you go to the park, the lake or a friend’s house. Let him ride along with you in the car or truck when you drop the kids off for school. Remember, anything that the puppy hasn’t yet been exposed to can be new and exciting for him, as long as it is properly introduced.

This is where you come in. Though you want the pup exposed to as many situations as possible, make sure you remain in control and don’t let anything happen that will cause him to be hurt or badly scared.

An important aspect of proper socialization is encouraging the dog’s desire to explore new places.

Though you need to be aware of safety issues and local laws regarding loose dogs, you need to let you pup run around and explore off-lead in as many places as possible.

If your town is strict about dogs being leashed, ask around and see if there is a leash-free dog park in the area. This allows your pup to learn to interact with not only other dogs, but their owners as well.

You want to allow him as much freedom to explore as possible. When he comes after you call him, tell him he’s a good boy and give him a small treat (freeze-dried liver or a tiny scrap of jerky are both favorites with our dogs). Then be sure and give him the freedom to explore some more.

Whether off-lead or on, introduce your future hunting companion to people.If he seems shy you can allow them to give him a treat, but make sure he sees YOU hand it to them.

It is never a good idea to teach your dog to take food from someone he doesn’t know.

By the time to pup is between eight and twelve weeks old, you can begin to teach him beginning commands, such as “no”, “sit”, “come”, “heel” and “stay”.

These commands will be the basis for later training and make the puppy into a companion and hunting dog that you will be proud of.

A properly socialized hunting dog will be secure and confident, but at the same time he will know that you are in charge. He will be comfortable interacting with both other dogs and with new people.

He will also have learned to put up with being restrained and told “no”.Remember – at this point in the puppy’s life, everything you do or say to him is a lesson.

By spending the time and effort you need to properly socialize your pup from the start, you will not only have a dog that will be easier to train, but you can look forward to having a hunting dog you can be proud of.

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Moringa Oleifera-The miracle tree-Get rid of more than 300 diseases

What is moringa oleifera?

Moringa oleifera is a very common tree native to Indian subcontinent. But it has only recently come into picture with its health benefits. Its fruit-the drum stick is a very commonly used vegetable. Also its flowers are used in some Indian cuisines.

It is so common in India that it is usually discarded or thrown away. This is because even Indians are not aware of its benefits. I have used it personally and haven’t seen any side effects.

Dating back the Ancient Greeks and Romans, moringa oleifera has been extensively cultured to be a supplier of many natural remedies.

Most know the moringa oleifera tree as the drumstick tree because of its native tropical home.

The western world answers the question, “What is moringa oleifera?” with, “The horse radish tree.” It is known as the horseradish tree because of its roots.

Regardless of what it is called or what part of the tree gives it its popularity, moringa oleifera extract along with moringa oleifera leaf brings with it a wealth of health benefits.

How does moringa benefit the body?

Taken from a small tree in India, moringa oleifera extract and the moringa oleifera leaf have both been proven by many to reap many health benefits. In fact, when people ask, “What are the moringa oleifera health benefits?” or “Do I need moringa oleifera leaf or moringa oleifera extract?” the answer has to be prefaced with, “Every part of the three offers a different health benefit.” That’s right moringa oleifera leaf differs from oleifera extract. In fact, every single part of the tree brings with it some benefit to the body.

The Wonders behind the Miracle Tree

“The Miracle Tree” is irrefutably a strong description especially if branded on a tree with ironically tiny leaves. But its irony also keeps us wonder what’s in those tiny leaves that made Moringa Oleifera the miracle tree.

Science, with the use of its comprehensive researches, has finally verified what ancient folklores have known from their first-hand experience – Moringa oleifera is indeed the miracle tree. It may seem unbelievable but Moring oleifera’s tiny leaves can sustain a person’s life even if that’s all he has to eat.

  • Antioxidants
  • Immune-boosting agents
  • Anti-inflammatory agents
  • Antiviral agents

Biggest health benefits of the moringa oleifera leaf

In fact, the moringa oleifera leaf, great source of vitamins and minerals. One Cup Moringa oleifera leaf serving offers:

  • Calcium
  • Iron
  • Zinc
  • Manganese
  • Magnesium
  • Selenium
  • Copper
  • Chromium
  • Phosphorus
  • Essential amino acids

Moringa oleifera leaf also contains essential B-complex vitamins that work to metabolize fat. These include:

  • Niacin
  • Vitamin B-6
  • Vitamin B-1
  • Pantothenic acid
  • Foliates
  • Riboflavin

What are the biggest health benefits of moringa oleifera extract?

Moringa oleifera extract has been dubbed the “tired blood” drug because of its proven ability to help with illness and disease. It has been confirmed to help with:

  • High cholesterol
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • Arthritis
  • Inflammation

Recent students have found links between moringa oleifera extract and cancer remedies. While these findings are still in the research phase, moringa oleifera extract is showing very promising results in the fight to cure cancer—especially with regard to tumors.

Moringa oleifera extract is also very high in antioxidants. Antioxidants fight off free radicals in the body, so they have been linked to reduce the odds of type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

Moringa Oleifera: The Miracle Tree

The reason behind why Moringa oleifera is labelled as “The Miracle Tree” was rooted long before our ancestral foundation. Indian legends used to convey stories that this tree can prevent over 300 known diseases of the world. However, despite Moringa oleifera’s sturdy ancestral support, people of today’s generation questions its efficiency by asking is Moringa oleifera worthy enough to be called as the Miracle tree?

All parts of this tree including its seeds, pods, bark, roots, and leaves, are nutritionally significant making it one of the most generous contributors of life enhancing nutrients. The table below shows the most common nutrients found in Moringa oleifera:




Vitamin C

7 times the amount in Orange

Helps the body fight diseases

Vitamin A

4 times the amount in Carrots

Acts as a shield against eye, skin, heart, and gastrointestinal diseases


4 times the amount in milk

Builds strong bones and teeth


3 times the amount in Bananas

Aids in the normal function of brain and nerve cells


2 times the amount in Yogurt

Basic building block of cells


Moringa oleifera houses several nutrients and micronutrients that do not only help your body fight against many diseases but also make you glow in a healthy radiance. As research studies dig deeper to the molecular mechanisms of Moringa, the more Moringa oleifera divulges its all-natural nutritional wonders.

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