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Alu Dalo Sona Nikalo

Gold has two properties that makes it Gold.

Liquidity and Portability for long term. But the problem is the value is totally subjective. No logic.

Art can have the same property if it can be made easily liquefiable and portable.

NFTs fits perfectly for it.

But they are for art collectors with money to invest.

For the rest gold is more of a guarantee or insurance for bad health of personal economy.

But consider that you have insurance for bad health but your health is bad because of you pursuing anything but health.

It is like making a wall with one hand and breaking with other.

So if you have gold but your group’s economy(collective mental health) is in poor shape you should first use your insurance than making any further progress.


Find the need of the group.

Use Gold to fulfill it.

Alu dalo sona nikalo has two main meanings for me.

1 )Use your attention to bring into light the human element in things of monetary value effective for your primary motive like money.


2) Forget every logic and buy things that you can balance with value of gold sold.


Because gold value is totally subjective you can put any subjective value to the things bought which is very effective personally and even more if done for your group.

You can do nothing with gold. It has monetary value just because of bad international politics Nothing more.

I think this the first step that can kick start any dwindling economy !!

Above figure is to give you an idea of how I broadly see the world.

You can use potatoes if it works for you to speed up the process !!

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